When I was younger, my grandfather used to tell me the flask a man chooses to carry says a lot about that man – that he carries a flask in the first place, and that his flask reflects his sensibilities; bright and shiny and he had it for show and the occasional instant happy hour; dark and sturdy and he had it because what lay inside was too precious for something that valued looks over brawn.

But a flask is also an exercise in control – its owner must know when it is and isn’t appropriate to uncover, and how often. Because they may be carried everyday does not necessitate their everyday use, and knowing that is the first lesson my grandfather meant when he gave me his old flask. So whether you plan to carry rare Japanese whiskeys, Kirkland Vodka (believe the hype) or Pepto-Bismol, these ten flasks run the gamut of price, personality and prestige.

GSI Outdoors Boulder Flask

It’s affordable. It’s lightweight. It’s tougher than shit. It carries ten whopping ounces of booze. The GSI Boulder Flask’s body is a unique copolyester that’s wrapped in a shock-absorbing silicone bumper – both lighter weight than a typical steel or hard plastic flask. Also, it’s clear, so gauging how much your buddy takes when he takes a “sip” is that much easier.

Savage Stainless Steel Flask

Flasks come in all shapes, sizes, materials and looks, but few approach the simplicity of this one. Savage’s glossy mirror-finished stainless steel flask does its job and emits serious Gatsby vibes in doing so. Yet, in a world too full with monograms, needle stitching and weird colors, it isn’t at all outrageous. Also, Jay Gatsby wouldn’t buy a $16 flask, but that’s his problem.

Stanley Classic Flask

There’s a reason this flask is roundly suggested in all corners of the internet. Stanley’s affordable 18/8 rugged steel flask is lacking in accouterments, pretty websites and melodramatic descriptions. One could say a certain cool factor is absent, but, weirdly enough, that’s exactly what makes it cool. A Stanley flask (especially in green hammertone) says you couldn’t give a damn about what you tote your liquor to-go in.

Izola 6-Oz. Flask in Canvas Container

Izola was founded by a New York City photographer, and it shows. Its products are decidedly Brooklyn, and the flask is no different. A small-but-sturdy stainless steel spirit carrier sitting in a tight-fitting canvas container, it drops any and all semblance of branding or labels in favor of an understated (but not boring) look. Izola’s flask comes in Army green, red, navy, orange, cream and black.

RBT Flask

It says a lot that perhaps the most affecting aspect of RBT’s gorgeous black and gold flask is the quiet-turn cap, but considering that a flask is sometimes employed in, well, less than kosher environments, it’s incredibly handy. And, for the record, we’re not endorsing you use it that way – that’s on you.

Areaware Liquid Body Flask

Though it may have the shape of a slightly crumpled Capri Sun, the Areaware Liquid Body Flask is the furthest thing from perishable. Designed by Brooklyn’s The Principals studio, the faux-crumpled flask with a mirror finish absolutely does not aim to blend in.

Barbour Round Hip Flask

Strap Barbour’s round flask to your hip and instantly become one-part Indiana Jones, one-part Rooster Cockburn. Perhaps a bit out of place in the city, the flask and its full-grain leather case are ripe for carrying enough bourbon to warm you up on even the coldest hikes.

Miscellaneous Goods Co. Ceramic Flask

Miscellaneous Goods started with a very pretty pack of Kickstarter-backed cards and has since broadened its offerings to leather goods, prints and, yes, flasks. Miscellaneous’s 11-ounce ceramic flasks are slipcast and made in America, and each sports a handsome brass and leather cap clasp. It’s available in white, but the black is where it’s at.

Snow Peak Titanium Curved Flask

What’s a collection of best flasks without Snow Peak’s completely titanium (and questionably necessary) curved flask? Not this collection. Thanks to the titanium, the almost seven fluid ounce-carrying flask only weighs 2 ounces empty and is virtually unbreakable. Japan’s coolest outdoor brand doesn’t do anything by the book, and this flask is no exception.

Jacob Bromwell Gentleman’s Square Flask

On top of what it claims is the world’s first copper flask, Jacob Bromwell makes this piece of beauty. Make no mistake, this 9-ounce square-edged copper flask from Jacob Bromwell is not cheap. But it is hand-soldered, 100 percent copper (no stainless steel hidden in the hinges), will build a unique patina and comes with a lifetime guarantee. And for the love of all things good in the world, do not wash it in the dishwasher (hot water, soap, shake to clean).

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