If you’re lucky, you have a backyard, a deck, a rooftop, maybe a balcony. Even if not, maybe you have a fire escape — and if all else fails, at least you have windows that open. Regardless, summer is a really nice time to invite company over. And while it can be tempting to grab a set of paper plates for easy cleanup, you can do better. There’s no reason why your crisp, white dishes and handsome linens should be kept strictly indoors. Outdoor dining can be just as elevated as the meals set inside your kitchen. Even if you’re just diving into a cheese plate and a few bottles of rosé, you can keep it polished. We’ve partnered with Snowe to make a list of ten things that will improve your summer entertaining.


Flatware is best kept classic and these Italian stainless steel pieces are just that. They’re not going out of style any time soon and since this premium 18/10 steel resists stains and rust, they’ll look good throughout their very long life.


Perfect for outdoor dining, these Belgian flax linen placemats have a teflon and acrylic coating making them easy to wipe clean. They are the superlative upgrade to the ubiquitous vinyl tablecloth.

Dinner Plates

Made in Portugal, these Limoges porcelain plates are designed to be super durable, ultra-smooth and resistant to cracks and stains. They’re even lightweight and oven safe.

Chef’s Towel

These absolutely classic towels are made from 100% washed Belgian linen, spun in Italy. The material is quick drying and strong — getting softer and better with age. Whether you’d opt for red, blue or natural grey, they’re timeless. Equipped with a loop and tie, these can also double as a half-apron.

End-Grain Cutting Board

The self-healing quality of this sustainable Black Walnut end-grain cutting board may be its best feature. It’s also made in the USA, has hand rests on each end on the chopping side and can easily be used on the alternative side to double as a serving board (as shown above).

Cheese Board Set

It’s always nice to get the whole package in one purchase. This is an easy one: an American-made walnut cheese board and a set of three-piece Italian-made stainless steel cheese knives.

White Wine Glasses

The perfect wine glass has a delicate feel and is anything but. This set of stemware is just that. Each is made from a single seamless pieces of crystallized glass and has a titanium-reinforced stem so it is extra sturdy.

Short Tumblers

These tumblers, made of Italian lead-free crystallized glass, are weighted at the bottom — designed for a classic negroni or a simple round of ice teas — and are, again, durable (tough enough that you won’t mind taking them on the patio).


Every dinner party should have a simple, elegant carafe on the table. No host should be running back into the kitchen to constantly be refreshing the drinks. Sit back, relax and keep your guests hydrated. Pro tip: grab two and use your spare as a vase. They’re dishwasher safe so you can go wild.

Ice Bucket

It’s chilled wine season. And truth be told, no one likes their rosé, light red or crisp white at room temperature in the summer. This tulip shaped ice bucket will most certainly do the trick and look good doing it. Made of Premium 18/10 Italian stainless steel, it also resists stains and rust.