A guys’ weekend away in nature is not just showing off who has the best survival instinct and mountain skills. It is also secretly about who has the best gear, which can also improve the former. One important tool every guy needs on these adventurous feats is a robust pocket knife.

Black and grey have been ins style for what seems like forever and will probably stay that way. So, it is a good job the team at Tekto used these monochromatic colors on their sharp and practical new pocket knife. This blade is without a gear stick and by that we mean it is an automatic fast-acting rapid blade. Its quick-release capabilities are thanks to the most advanced spring technology, making it an exceptional sliding knife.

The serrated blade is 3.9 inches in length and made from tough stainless steel. The handle has non-slip features through its aluminum alloy material. Something of this quality will be unforgettable, even if it is extremely compact and lightweight. For added points it has a hip clip and in case your weekend away turns into The Hangover Part 4, there is a glass breaker included for “convenience”.

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