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This New Watch Is a Celebration of 50 Years of Earth Day

50 years ago, millions of environmentally conscious people came together and gave a voice to the emerging public consciousness about the state of our planet — resulting in Earth Day. This year, One Eleven is celebrating the endurance and evolution of the eco-conscious movement with its Limited Edition Earth Day Solar Powered SWII watch.

1. Earth Day Anniversary Design: The designers over at One Eleven uncovered vintage pins from the original Earth Day with the quote “Save your Earth, you can’t get off”. You can find this quote as a patch on the strap along with a vintage Earth Day emblem patch.

2. Solar Powered Movement: Like all One Eleven watches, the Limited-Edition commemorative Earth Day watch ticks away with a solar-powered movement. This keeps destructive batteries out of landfills.

3. Doing Right by the Earth: One Eleven is dedicated to protecting the planet and uses eco-friendly and sustainable materials whenever possible. This includes petroleum-free bio-material cases, rPet watch straps crafted from recycled water bottles, and eco-friendly packaging. Plus, as 1% for the Planet partners, they give one percent of their profits to environmental causes.

These Are All the Road Trip Essentials You Need

The road trip is a time-honored American tradition; and whether you’re hitting the road for a quick weekend getaway or a full cross-country trek, the right tires on your car and a handful of essentials will carry you when you can get back on the road again. So as soon as you can head out the door, there is no better way to get away than the classic road trip. Here is a full rundown of the essential items you should have for any length of a road trip, from ever-important tires to the right travel mug.

Nokian Tyres ONE HT

Nokian Tyres’ new ONE HT light truck and SUV tires were designed for performance and safety in mind. The ONE HT tires can seamlessly transition between bumpy gravel backroads and jam-packed city streets in any weather — making them perfect for any road trip. From bulletproof fibers and rigorous testing to stone ejectors and sustainability standards, the ONE HT tires can withstand whatever you can throw at them. If you are thinking of hitting the road, there are no better tires to take you wherever you want to go.

Yeti Rambler 26 oz

To help keep your early morning drive coffee piping hot and off your lap.

Regenerative Organic Chile Mango

Because you should be snacking on something a bit better than gas station chips.

Picnic Containers

It is always nice to pack a lunch for the road and bonus points if the containers are as sleek as these.

Adventure Outdoor Cooler

For groceries for your final destination or just for drinks — soft drinks that is — for the road, you should always have some ice in the back.

Sand Free Compact Beach Blanket

For when you find the perfect idyllic park along the way, you should be able to stop and enjoy it.

Dark Tortoiseshell Yvan Sunglasses

No driving kit is every complete without a pair of shades. These beefy optics will keep your eyes shaded and keep you looking very suave.

Hill City Waterproof Hooded Shell

Spring means spring rains too. It is best to be prepared for the expected — or unexpected — shower you might encounter.

Get Your Cycling Kit up to Snuff With the REI Co-Op Sale

Spring is here. And while we may be staying indoors more than usual, you may be able to get out for solitary pursuits like cycling. If you are dusting off your old road bike to help you get out and about, you can update your full rig with REI Co-op’s Spring Sale. The time-honored outdoor retailer is having its Spring Sale and has a full range of cycling accouterments to get your kit fit as a fiddle. Here are a few of our favorite cycling bits that are up for grabs.

Osprey Tool Roll

Let’s start with the basics. This tool roll will help you keep your ever-important tools organized and accessible so you can ride easy.

Topeak Mini Morph Bike Pump With Gauge

This mini pump is perfect for long rides to help give you peace of mind. It’s the smallest Topeak Morph pump you can get with a fold-out foot pad that provides stability while pumping. Perfect to keep you rolling along.

REI Co-op Link Cycling Wind Jacket

Cycling isn’t only for fair weather. If you’re riding right into it the wind, you’ll need some good rip-stop nylon protection — it can even help keep a few sprinkles at bay.

REI Co-op Link Seat Pack

Perfect for longer treks, the Link Seat Pack can stow all you could need for a multiday cycling adventure. The roll-top design also keeps your goods dry from any passing showers.

REI Co-op Link Pannier

Like a modern-day saddlebag, the Link Pannier has room for the camping necessities, from sleeping bag and pad to a designated sleeve for tent poles.

The New Panerai Is an Ode to The America’s Cup

Known for its 150 year-long tradition of innovation, precision and reliability in watchmaking, Panerai is dedicated to nautical timepieces — a dedication that is exemplified in its Luna Rossa Collection. Panerai crafted a series of four watches to celebrate the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team, Challenger of the 36th America’s Cup. Panerai is the official sponsor of the team, and as such, created a collection of watches for them: the 47mm Luminor Luna Rossa Regatta, the 44mm Luminor Luna Rossa Chrono Flyback and the 44mm Luminor Luna Rossa GMT (there’s a 47mm Submersible Luna Rossa that is part of the collection as well). We took a look at the special edition Luminor Luna Rossa Regatta specifically, as it shows off Panerai’s amazing attention to detail.

1. Inspired by Luna Rossa’s Swiftness: The Luminor Luna Rossa Regatta takes design cues from the Luna Rossa team’s revolutionary full-foil monohull AC75 racing boat. It makes use of the same colors, and also features some of the same lightweight materials found on the AC75 — like the sail cloth you will find on the dial.

2. Specially Designed for Yacht Racing: This special edition Panerai is outfitted with a Regatta countdown and a flyback chronograph needed for yacht racing. It also features a GMT which can be set to the Auckland time zone during New Zealand regattas.

3. Specialized Titanium Caseback: The caseback of the Luminor Luna Rossa Regatta is made from titanium for incredible strength and lightness, and comes engraved with both the Luna Rossa logo and The America’s Cup profile.

All the Best Bits to Grab at REI’s Spring Sale

REI is one of the first names when it comes to outdoor apparel and gear. The company has been hocking specialized outdoor equipment since 1938, and is still at the forefront of outdoor sport — stocking cutting edge brands like Arc’teryx and old school stalwarts like The North Face and Patagonia. The buyers at REI don’t miss anything, that’s for sure. That’s why when REI has a sale like its ongoing Spring Sale, you can find an invaluable treasure trove of deals on anything from tents and sleeping bags to sneakers and down jackets. We put together a handy breakdown of some of our favorite pieces of outdoor gear you can snap on sale.

REI Co-op Swiftland Trail Run Jacket

Forget sweatshirts, running on cool spring days is all about windproofing. The Swiftland Trail Run Jacket is going to keep you feeling right with its lightweight Pertex® nylon shell that is both breathable and windproof, making it perfect for crisp and blustering runs.

Salomon XA Pro 3D CS WP Trail-Running Shoes

Even if trail running for you constitutes running to catch the train, these Salomon’s will support you — and they don’t look half bad either. These trail running shoes have marvelous grip, durability and waterproofing that are appreciated no matter what terrain you find yourself on.

Patagonia Retro Pile Jacket

There is something so classic about this Patagonia high pile jacket that makes anyone look like they’re at an El Capitan base camp in the 70s. Made of 100 percent recycled polyester double-sided shearling fleece, this Retro Pile Jacket will keep you nice and toasty while the smooth back of the fabric and flat seam construction keeps it nice and slim.

Topo Designs Field Shorts

A simple patch-pocket pair of shorts should never be overlooked. Topo makes one of the best pairs out there, perfect for a day hike or just lounging around the backyard. Made from midweight organic cotton twill, these shorts have a rugged side as well — coupled with a slim fit so they never look out of place.

Bear Minimum Family Pack Bear Bowls

We were pretty struck by this strange bowl set. Camp stove-safe and collapsable for easy storage and cleaning, the Bear Bowls include paracord-wrapped handles for emergency preparedness and campground tasks. The set includes three bowls at 32-, 64- and 128-fluid ounces, so there is sure to be one for all occasions.

How Hydro Flask Made Its Lightest Water Bottle Yet

Since Hydro Flask launched in 2009, it has developed a fierce fanbase thanks to its sleek design and unsurpassed insulation that can keep whatever you’re drinking hot or cold for long periods of time. Now, the brand is out with a new line of bottles that will be sure to inspire more people to pick up a Hydro Flask — and maybe go into the backcountry. Its new Lightweight Trail Series bottles are specifically designed to help lighten your load when hitting the trail.

Hydro Flask went back to its iconic design and shaved off as much weight as it could — without compromising quality. The new bottles are designed to be lightweight enough to easily come with you on anything from a few hour hike to longer backpacking trips. Hydro Flask was able to shed 25 percent off the overall weight of its standard offering with a new design — which is offered in 24 and 32-ounce sizes. The Lightweight Trail Series is just as durable as any other Hydro Flask and is ready for whatever you can throw at it. We sat down with Hydro Flask’s Design Director John Cupit to take a look at how the brand was able to accomplish such a feat of lightness.

Key Specs
Capacity: 24 ounces and 32 ounces
TempShield Rating 24 hours for cold and 12 hours for hot
Weight: 9.9 oz (24 ounce size) 12.5 oz (32 ounce size)


Thinner Walls but Just as Durable

Insider Note: “We first started looking at both material thickness and how the bottles are constructed. We were able to maintain [the double-walled insulation] while actually reducing the wall, or the area, between the inner wall. The vacuum distance between the two walls is narrower. That meant we had to work with our factories to develop tighter tolerances which was much harder to do. It turns out that a little bit of all of those things helped us reduce weight. We optimized the size of the bottle so it’s friendlier to carry by hand.” — John Cupit, Design Director at Hydro Flask

One of the first places the designers looked to lose some weight was the walls of the Hydro Flask. Of course, it had to maintain the brand’s signature double-wall vacuum insulation technology which made this no easy task. After countless prototypes, drop tests and going back to the drawing board, the designers were finally able to shave down the space between the outside wall and the interior of the bottle. This, coupled with elongating the bottle to be taller, allowed for thinner material with the same great durable quality Hydro Flask is known for.

Lightweight Flex Cap

Insider Note: “We gained a lot by looking at the flex cap. It’s also a reduction in materials and it doesn’t look like much, but coring out the pivots and then replacing stainless steel with aluminum, helped a lot. And then the benefits of a perforated carry strap also helped quite a lot. Everywhere we could trim weight and still maintain durability, we did. Our flex straps and our pivots are foolproof. They continue to be a really durable construction and we didn’t want to sacrifice that. And we feel really great about the end result here.” — John Cupit

Believe it or not, 40 percent of all the weight that was lost with the new Trail Series came from the flex cap. Doing small things like creating a divet cap instead of a flat cap and coring out the pivots of the carry strap went a long way to achieving the 25 percent decrease in overall weight. Even the flexible strap, a core piece of Hydro Flask design and functionality, was tweaked to help lighten the load with perforations that keep it strong without a need for extra material.

The Same TempShield® as Always

Insider Note: “TempShield is our proprietary insulation technology. It’s a combination of the construction, the 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel and our double wall vacuum technology. There are various ways we can test the thermal performance, but it was our claim to keep liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours that we wanted to maintain with the Trail Series. We reduced material and still have the temperature performance that our customers love in our inline bottles.” — John Cupit

It wouldn’t be a Hydro Flask without its TempShield® technology. Keeping your beverages at your desired temperature was at the core of the design process for the Trail Series. All while still making a bottle that can go outdoors and not take up too much weight in your kit. This double wall vacuum insulation technology is a huge part of all Hydro Flask products, but getting it into the Trail Series was truly a feat of design and persistence. When you hit the early morning trail and still have ice cold water at the summit, you’ll know the Hydro Flask difference.

Subtle Changes to Stay on the Trail

Insider Note: “Our inline bottles are friendly, accessible and do many things well. The Trail Series is designed to go into the backcountry. It’s supposed to look like a performance product. I think our cap and the perforated strap adds to that. That helps when you have sweaty hands and you’re in the backcountry for a couple of hours, your hands breathe a little better. There’s that friendly little nod to performance in that racing pinstripe that we have at the bottom of the cap as well. You often see that in performance products like shoes or outerwear. The shape supports its functionality, as well as its performance.” — John Cupit

You will notice right away that the new Trail Series is unmistakably Hydro Flask, but also has a few different features. Designed to get out on the trail as a performance product, The Trail Series is easier to handle and carry. The longer body of the bottles makes it easier to grip in your hand and fits better into a backpack or pocket thanks to a more streamlined silhouette. Even the perforated carry strap achieves both better performance and lightens the bottle. The racing stripe Cupit is referring to is a small red ring at the bottom of the cap that makes for a nod to the performance and the trails the bottle is destined to accompany.


This Dead Simple Pullover From Goldwin Is Anything But

Goldwin makes some stellar alpine outerwear that can go from summit to city with ease. Its cutting edge technical wear has been the choice of boundary-pushing athletes since it provided the national uniforms for Japan’s 1964 Olympic team. In the process of making garments that are up to snuff for such demanding athletes, Goldwin learned a thing or two about crafting the perfect piece of technical wear — that doesn’t sacrifice on style. The Hooded Spur Light Pullover looks dead simple, but of course, it’s chock-full of splendid bits of design that any gear junky or sartorial aficionado would find enticing. We took a look to highlight a few of our favorite parts.

1. Welded Tight: The Hooded Spur Light Pullover uses a high-tech welding method on the panels to provide flat and almost invisible seams — no small feat. The front zippers are also strategically placed to keep away from your chin.

2. Patterned for Success: Goldwin’s original pattern is inspired by the brand’s symbolic ski kits, creating not only a simple and technical design but also a three-dimensional structure for mobility with plenty of function. And when it’s not in use, it breaks down into a stowaway bag for easy toting.

3. Stretch it Out: The fabric of the Hooded Spur Light Pullover is highly stretchable and quick drying to enhance the garment’s functionality and outdoor versatility, making it perfect for a good mid-layer.

Innovative Fabrics Set These T’s and Sweatshirts Apart From the Pack

Goodlife is much more than a mere staples brand. The NYC-based company is bringing thoughtful fabrics to every day basics you can wear from lazy weekends to weekday at the office. All of Goodlife’s essentials, from its tri-blend jersey to its micro terry, are made 100% in the USA, so you can look good and feel good knowing where your garment came from. Goodlife has worked hard to perfect its everyday essentials with versatility and comfort in mind, and it’s netted a truly superb selection of menswear must-haves in the process. We took a closer look at the brand’s core fabrics and cuts to see what makes them so special. And right now Gear Patrol readers can enjoy 20% off their next order from Goodlife with the code GEAR20.

Tri-Blend Scallop Crew

Nothing beats a classic crewneck t-shirt — but to level up this classic, Goodlife cuts and sews its t-shirt from Tri-Blend jersey. The durable jersey is soft and lightweight thanks to a blend of poly, cotton and rayon. The blend ensures both a high-low color profile and that it will keep its shape wash after wash.

Supima Scallop Crew

This one features the same great cut as the Tri-Blend crewneck above but in an extra-soft Pima cotton. Grown in the USA, the Pima cotton is blended with modal so the t-shirt never loses its shape. It’s incredibly soft, offers a flattering drape and is dyed with a deep color. This fabric a must-have for any closet.

Tri-Blend Classic V

Back to the versatile Tri-Blend here, but in a v-neck cut that’s perfect for going under your buttondown or worn simply by itself. The classic styling paired with the considered Tri-Blend fabric means that this will never get relegated to the bottom of your shirt drawer. Not only because it will never lose its shape or feel, but because you’ll want to pair it with virtually everything else in your wardrobe.

Micro Terry Crew Sweatshirt

A classic crewneck sweatshirt belongs in everyone’s closet, and the Micro Terry takes that classic look and builds on it with modern tech. This lightweight cotton looped terry material is the ultimate layering piece for year-round wear in any climate. A small amount of stretch makes the sweatshirt a true modern classic with function and style in mind.

Slub Scallop Henley

A henley is a time-honored style that looks as good layered upon or simply by itself with a pair of jeans. One thing is for sure, with the Slub Cotton material, you will never want to take it off. The midweight cotton is intentionally uneven and improves over time. It clocks in heavier than the Tri-Blend or Supina jersey for a bit more bulk.

Get the Most from Your Run with These New Compression Tights

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The Rugged and Stylish Boot That Anyone Can Rock

Blundstone boots have inspired a loyal following. These Australian do-anything boots aren’t just for the outback anymore, fans far and wide pull them on every day for work and pleasure — from crafting and creating in workshops and coffee shops to being on the move from hikes to subway platforms.

There are many reasons why people love their Blundstone boots; durability, comfort and their premium materials are just a few. But the main reason that sparks such a love and devotion to a simple product? Their iconic style. Blundstones go well with every staple you have in your closet — whether that’s a pair of blue jeans or a coverall for the workshop. Perhaps better yet, they only get better with age — contrary to most products these days.

We found three creators who share our passion for Blundstone, who live and work in their boots, and visited them in their creative space. We sat down to ask them how they keep their style grounded and why a pair of “blunnies” is their go-to choice.

Thomas Callahan of Horse Cycles

Thomas Callahan spends most of his days crafting beautiful custom-made bicycles, a process that puts his pair of Blundstones through their paces. Callahan started Horse Cycles a decade ago, and in addition to making beautiful road and commuter bikes he also crafts small good like knives. Callahan’s bikes have a strong following among in-the-know cyclists — including here at Gear Patrol — who wait up to six months for Callahan to begin their frame. Out of his South Williamsburg workshop, Callahan makes his bike frames all by hand with both an expert artist’s eye and mechanical precision at a rate of about one a week. When he rolls up his workshop’s metal gate, Thomas is more than likely in his Blundstone boots, which he wears for the demanding task of building bicycles and when off duty.

Q: When did you get your first pair of Blundstone boots?

Thomas Callahan: “My wife is from Australia so I got my first pair there. I needed a work boot for welding and fabrication, and I thought I’d try Blundstones and see how the faired. Now, I wear them all the time! Every day for the past two years, whether I’m at the shop or out to dinner. They are very comfortable. I love that I can slip them on and off for a perfect fit every time. Because of the durable leather, they hold up great in the workshop with all the metal sparks, scuffing and on and on.”

Q: How do your boots fit into your personal style?

TC: “The boots work with my style but they are a wild card. They are work boots but they don’t make me look like I’m trying to fit all the pieces together as if I were wearing Redwings. So they look great but don’t make it look like I’m trying so hard for the perfect outfit. The Blundstones are understated and uncompromising. I’ll most likely be wearing Blundstones in the workshop for the rest of my days. I love the style because they are a work boot and I’m a guy who runs a workshop, but they are not clunky construction boots. My daily outfit is Blundstones, denim pants and a denim work coat.”

500 by Blundstone in Stout Brown

The Blundstone 500s are the original Blundstoneboot, and are as good now as they ever were. Lightweight and with a cushioned midsole, you can wear these all day long without fail.

Buy Now: $185

Viscaya Wagner of Honey & Rust

Growing up in rugged Vermont, Viscaya Wagner was no stranger to Blundstone boots. In fact, her whole family was wearing them before she wised up to the idea three years ago — and she has hardly taken them off since. Now based in Brooklyn, the designer and illustrator spends her days in her shared Industry City studio, working on both commissioned and personal work under the name Honey & Rust. In her paint-splattered studio, her Blundstone boots are surprisingly paint-free — despite wearing them nearly every day. From the mountains of Vermont to mural installations in NYC boroughs, Blundstones are Wagner’s go-to’s.

Q: How did you become such a fan of Blundstone boots?

Viscaya Wagner: “I grew up in Vermont, where the running joke is that everyone drives a Subaru and wears Blundstones — which holds up for the most part. My parents always wore them for yard work and kicking around on the weekend, and my step-sisters never took them off no matter what the activity. So for me, they were always considered a staple item for any closet.

I bought my first pair after moving back east from Jackson, Wyoming. I had always wanted a pair and felt it was time I return to my roots. I love that they’re both practical and aesthetic. They’re clean, simple, understated — with that classic Chelsea boot form. I think the heritage of the brand is a lot of what I appreciate about the boots; they just feel iconic.”

Q: How do Blundstone’s click with your own style?

VW: “I definitely think I have a daily uniform, and it seems to be a loose sweater, jeans and my Blundstones. I try to change it up, but what can I say? A girl likes what she likes. I wear them most days, no matter what I’m up to. I feel like I can go from cruising the city to working in the studio to hiking up in Vermont without thinking about it. No matter what the weather or activity, Blundstone’s are my go-to because they’re so classic; no laces, no fuss, just a good old fashion Chelsea boot. I also love that I don’t have to think about ruining them; they’re super durable and long-lasting. I’ve had mine a little over three years and they still look great.

550 by Blundstone in Rustic Brown

The rugged cousin of the 500s, the Blundstone 550s boast more burly outsoles and removable comfort footbeds with XRD Technology for shock absorption and comfort.

Buy Now: $195

Elliott Foos of Daymoves

Some of the best cafes in New York City all have one thing in common: Elliott Foos. After stints as the Director of Coffee at Gem and the venerable Sey Coffee in Brooklyn, Foos may be one of the most well-known friendly faces you can run into. Now, he is the general manager at Daymoves, the James Murphy-owned cafe and bar-come-night spot nestled right next to its sister restaurant, the recently Michelin-starred Four Horsemen. From pulling shots to flipping vinyl, Foos can be seen in his well-worn Blundstone boots for all-day comfort and style.

Q: When did you get your first pair of Blundstone boots?

Elliott Foos: “I got into Blundstones five years ago when I moved to New York. I’d been noticing them in kitchens and behind bars, and really liked the look of them — beat up, dressed up, with jeans or trousers. I needed a good everyday shoe, something sensible that could I wear in the New York weather, and Blundstones made a lot of sense.”

Q: What is it about your boots that keeps you slipping them on?

EF: “I like a chelsea boot. When I played soccer and hockey as a kid, I used to wish I didn’t need laces — it’s always been a detail I enjoy. They’re great work shoes because they’re made to be beaten to hell — worn all the time. They’re an easy choice — on the days I don’t want to think about footwear too hard, they’re a standby. Both behind the bar and at home, they’re a really great option with so many outfits — there are certainly days that I need to wear my loafers, but when I’m feeling a little less conspicuous, a simple beat-up boot is great.”

500 by Blundstone in Black

The Black Blundstone 500s have a bit of a dressier edge, but they are the same rugged boots that can go anywhere. They also feature the SPS Max Comfort system for shock absorption that adds even more comfort to the lightweight boot.

Buy Now: $185

These Tires Will Keep You on the Right Path, Even When You’re Off Road

As you probably already know, not all tires — or tyres if you’re across the pond — are created equal. But finding top-notch tires that go anywhere you do is daunting when all the rubber starts to blend together. Nokian Tyres’ new ONE HT light truck and SUV tires are designed with performance and safety in mind and are built for seamless transitions between bumpy gravel backroads and the jampacked city streets — in any weather. From bulletproof fibers and rigorous testing to stone ejectors and sustainability standards, the ONE HT tires are some of the best out there. We took a closer look at what makes these ties so impressive.

1. Puncture Resistance: There is patented Aramid Armor beneath the Nokian ONE HT’s tread and sidewalls to reinforce it from puncture hazards on the roughest roads. Aramid is the same material that shows up in bulletproof vests and in safety equipment like bike and ski helmets.

2. Stone Ejector Ruggedness: If you’re taking these tires off the beaten path, the stone ejectors will certainly come in handy. Stone ejectors at the bottom of the grooves do just what you’d expect — they help remove rocks. Now, you can dig into the road with durability and traction.

3. Tested to the Limits: The Nokian ONE HT endured rigorous testing around the world, from the frigid Finish arctic to the mountains of Utah to make sure they were up to the task. So you can be sure they are up to snuff when you need them to perform better than the rest.

We Just Had to Show You How Light the New Hydro Flask Is

On long treks, every ounce counts. That’s why Hydro Flask is lightening your load. The brand’s Trail Series™ ushers in a new era in lightweight insulated bottles — it offers all of the same benefits as Hydro Flask’s original bottles in a lighter package. The engineers and designers were able to radically reduce the weight of the Trail Series without compromising the high quality and durability you have come to expect. They achieved this by thinning the 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel walls of the bottle to help reduce weight while maintaining durability. All the while, the TempShield® double-wall vacuum insulation keeps your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold (for 12 and 24 hours respectively). Even the Honeycomb™ insulated cap and perforated strap cut down on weight, shaving off considerable ounces when compared to its original series of bottles.

The 24 oz Trail Series weighs a meager 9.9 ounces. That stat may be hard to visualize, so we put it next to some outdoor essentials that weigh the same amount, from a last-minute rain jacket to tools for any camper, so you can see how light the Trail Series™ truly is. The dropped ounces mean you have more opportunities to pack things you wouldn’t otherwise. You can bring the Trail Series on any outdoor adventure — long or short — and know you aren’t taking a weight penalty thanks to your water bottle. So no matter if you’re going on a day hike or just want to shed a bit of weight from your commuter kit, the Hydro Flask Trail Series can be your companion.


Now, you don’t have to compromise between hydration and your inner Thoreau.

Always better safe than sorry with a multitool and match safe — handy for anything nature throws at you.

Never miss a shot while on the trail, and you can still keep that pesky smartphone tucked away.

You never know when weather will come your way, so now you can be prepared even if the forecast is all clear.
The Hydro Flask Trail Series™

The Hydro Flask Lightweight Trail Series™ is available in a 24oz and 32oz size and three colorways; Obsidian, Slate and Clay. Perfect for any outdoor activity, the lightweight stainless steel bottle frees you up to carry more of what you want and keeps your water cold on the trail. Buy Now: $45 (24oz) | Buy Now: $50 (32oz)

These Sneakers Are Meant for More Than Just a Workout

Of course, there is no sneaker that can do it all, but a few can come close. Maybe the closest of the lot is the irreproachable Adidas Ultraboost. This new Ultraboost 20 can carry you anywhere you need to go and keep your feet from aching. It’s designed to give you support in the places you need most, whether you’re running on the treadmill or just running late. We took a look at the Ultraboost 20 to see what makes it a great sneaker to wear not just for exercise, but as an everyday sneaker that will feel and look good.

1. The Boost Tech Carries You All Day: The Ultraboost is a high-performance shoe with responsive cushioning that returns energy to your stride. The Boost midsole of the UB20 offers 20% more energy return than previous models — that means you’ll never have to stop what you’re doing because of achy feet.

2. Knitted Comfort: The Primeknit upper is new to the Ultraboost 20, creating a sock-like feel that hugs your foot with a distinctive floating arch. The Tailored Fiber Placement lays down fibers to the millimeter, resulting in a high-performance, lightweight upper which is precisely stitched and constructed. It’s virtually a perfect shoe and it’ll carry you all day — from work to workouts and even the bar.

3. Precise and Versatile: With the precise design and tech from the Primeknit uppers to the responsive cushioning, the Ultraboost 20 makes for a shoe you can always slip-on. Not just meant to be worn while working out, the comfort and support of the Ultraboost is a welcome companion all day long — and they won’t bring down your style to boot.

This Go Anywhere Pullover Looks as Good on the Mountain as It Does on the City

When it comes to foul weather clothing, nothing comes close to a good waterproof pullover. Goldwin took the time-honored design and gave it a much-needed upgrade and modern treatment. With a long history of making some of the best alpine wear out of Japan, Goldwin developed the GORE-TEX Mountain Pullover as an essential piece of technical wear. In addition to its tech chops, the Mountain Pullover is also stylish enough to take with you on any trip to the city or countryside — from a weekend trek to window shopping. We took a closer look at the GORE-TEX Mountain Pullover to see what makes it so versatile yet rugged.

1. Classic Utilitarian Function: While this may not be your father’s smock, it still has all the details you would ever want from one of those classic garms. Both the loose silhouette (easy to layer and take on and off) and its packable nature (folds down into its own mesh pocket) make it an easy choice for any trip or fit. Its large adjustable kangaroo pocket will also ensure you’ll get lots of function out of this pullover.

2. Modern Design Details: Thanks to the extra-long front zipper that lets you air out as needed, you won’t have to take off the GORE-TEX Mountain Pullover to avoid getting too stuffy. There is also a hidden hood and hem cord stoppers for a tidier look — keeping you free of tangling bits of cord and maintaining a modern and clean look.

3. Weatherproof and Featherweight: Crafted from GORE-TEX PACLITE material, the pullover is both completely weatherproof and incredibly lightweight. With added waterproof zippers, you won’t have to worry about any water getting in.

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No matter what work you’re in, you are probably always on the move. Unfortunately, dress shoes have been slow to keep up with the fast pace of modern life — with clunky hard to break-in leather and heavy soles that give little grip and make your dogs bark. The Holden Plain Toe from Johnston & Murphy merges classic style with ultralight, cushioned comfort. Crafted from premium subtle leather that will move with you, The Holden also features memory foam cushioning, which molds to the contours of your foot to ensure a comfortable fit all day — day after day. The outsole is also a break from the rigid tradition, made from shock-absorbing EVA that will keep your feet feeling good no matter how long you are on your feet.

New & Noteworthy Releases

Know the Eames Lounge Chair? That Company Is Getting Into Gaming GearKnow the Eames Lounge Chair? That Company Is Getting Into Gaming Gear

Know the Eames Lounge Chair? That Company Is Getting Into Gaming Gear

The house that Eames, Noguchi, Nelson and more built is collaborating with Logitech’s gaming division to make high-end performance equipment for gamers.

This Slick New Chronograph Is a Vintage Watch Reissue Done RightThis Slick New Chronograph Is a Vintage Watch Reissue Done Right

This Slick New Chronograph Is a Vintage Watch Reissue Done Right

Zenith’s latest in its winning series of El Primero Revival watches is a modern remake of the chronograph known as the “Cover Girl.”

One of the Most Important Watch Events Was Just Canceled Due to the CoronavirusOne of the Most Important Watch Events Was Just Canceled Due to the Coronavirus

One of the Most Important Watch Events Was Just Canceled Due to the Coronavirus

With Watches & Wonders Geneva (formerly known as SIHH) canceled due to health concerns, will Baselworld 2020 be next on the chopping block?

This Young Whiskey Was 50 Years in the MakingThis Young Whiskey Was 50 Years in the Making

This Young Whiskey Was 50 Years in the Making

A $38, two-or-three-year-old whiskey with decades of history.

Marathon’s Premium NATO Strap Is The Perfect Compliment to a Tough Tool WatchMarathon’s Premium NATO Strap Is The Perfect Compliment to a Tough Tool Watch

Marathon’s Premium NATO Strap Is The Perfect Compliment to a Tough Tool Watch

The new “seat belt” NATO strap from Marathon is available in three colors and features a comfortable nylon weave and stainless steel hardware.

The New VW GTI Keeps Everything We Love About This Iconic Hot HatchThe New VW GTI Keeps Everything We Love About This Iconic Hot Hatch

The New VW GTI Keeps Everything We Love About This Iconic Hot Hatch

The new GTI proves it’s possible to improve on perfection.

This New GPS Running Watch Is Way Cheaper Than Any Apple WatchThis New GPS Running Watch Is Way Cheaper Than Any Apple Watch

This New GPS Running Watch Is Way Cheaper Than Any Apple Watch

The Timex Ironman R300 GPS has many of the same features as other high-end GPS running watches, but it’s way cheaper.

Buffalo Trace Is Bringing a New Kind of Blanton’s Bourbon to the StatesBuffalo Trace Is Bringing a New Kind of Blanton’s Bourbon to the States

Buffalo Trace Is Bringing a New Kind of Blanton’s Bourbon to the States

Blanton’s Gold Edition will be the first of the brand’s overseas-exclusive lineup to show up Stateside. Here’s what you need to know.

One of Our Favorite Subarus Is About to Get More PowerfulOne of Our Favorite Subarus Is About to Get More Powerful

One of Our Favorite Subarus Is About to Get More Powerful

Crosstrek Sport, anyone?

This Badass Electric Motorcycle Is Reviving an Iconic Name for the 21st CenturyThis Badass Electric Motorcycle Is Reviving an Iconic Name for the 21st Century

This Badass Electric Motorcycle Is Reviving an Iconic Name for the 21st Century

A bike from Easy Rider is being revived as an electric motorcycle.

Here’s How to Spot Amateur Runners at the Olympic Marathon TrialsHere’s How to Spot Amateur Runners at the Olympic Marathon Trials

Here’s How to Spot Amateur Runners at the Olympic Marathon Trials

On Saturday, February 29, over 700 runners will compete for a spot on the 2020 US Olympic marathon team. Many are unsponsored — here’s how to spot them.

A ‘Cheaper, Entry-Level’ Porsche May Be in the WorksA ‘Cheaper, Entry-Level’ Porsche May Be in the Works

A ‘Cheaper, Entry-Level’ Porsche May Be in the Works

Porsche’s head of design hinted the carmaker may be planning a modern-day 914.

Fresh Deals

Patagonia Better Sweater Quarter-Zip Pullover
Save 24%: This time of year, a quarter-zip pullover is just about perfect. Right now one of our favorites, Patagonia’s Better Sweater, is available at a sweet discount.

Cotopaxi Fuego Down Jacket
Save $75: Looking for a stylish hooded down jacket that can serve as a travel go-to, a comfy mid-layer or a bluebird outer layer? This technical beauty is 30 percent off.

Nike Joyride Run Flyknit
Save up to $72: If you’re not a fan of the pavement-pounding feeling of traditional running, score up to 40 percent off these innovative kicks.
SunSki SunglassesSunSki Sunglasses

Sunski Sunglasses
Save Up to 35%: For the beach, mountains, and everywhere the sun’s out. Sunski Sunglasses are lightweight, polarized and made of recycled materials.
Get free shipping on all domestic orders, only in the Gear Patrol Store.

Adidas Sneakers
Save 60%: Tax refunds may as well be doled out in Adidas sneakers because that’s exactly what this writer will be spending it on anyway.

Panasonic ErgoFit Earbuds
Save $4: The Panasonic ErgoFit earbuds are comfortable and cheap, and Amazon is selling them for a few bucks off today, so it’s as good as time as ever to grab a pair or two. So long as your go-to device has a headphone jack, at least.

Timex x Todd Snyder Mod Watch
Save 28%: Get the classic-reissue Mod watch from the Timex x Todd Snyder collaboration for 28% off its retail price right now at just $99.

Today on Gear Patrol

How Ikea Is Diving Into the World of SpeakersHow Ikea Is Diving Into the World of Speakers

How Ikea Is Diving Into the World of Speakers

The world’s largest furniture store is getting in the speaker business in a big way.

Making Your Own Energy Bars Is Easier Than You Think — We Know Because We TriedMaking Your Own Energy Bars Is Easier Than You Think — We Know Because We Tried

Making Your Own Energy Bars Is Easier Than You Think — We Know Because We Tried

All it takes is five ingredients, a saucepan and time.

Dr. Martens vs. Solovair Shoes: Which Pair Should You Get?Dr. Martens vs. Solovair Shoes: Which Pair Should You Get?

Dr. Martens vs. Solovair Shoes: Which Pair Should You Get?

Between the two UK-based brands with nearly identical shoes, should you get the original Dr. Marten’s oxford shoe or spring the extra cash for the English-made pair of Solovair’s?

12 Things We’d Blow Our 2020 Tax Refunds On12 Things We’d Blow Our 2020 Tax Refunds On

12 Things We’d Blow Our 2020 Tax Refunds On

From bikes to boats to beat-up Cadillacs, this is what the Gear Patrol staff wants to spend irresponsibly on.

2021 Kia Seltos First Drive: Redefining the Entry-Level SUV2021 Kia Seltos First Drive: Redefining the Entry-Level SUV

2021 Kia Seltos First Drive: Redefining the Entry-Level SUV

What is Kia’s encore after the crazy-successful Telluride? The subcompact Seltos.

These 12 Watches Can Dive Deeper Than Any Human BeingThese 12 Watches Can Dive Deeper Than Any Human Being

These 12 Watches Can Dive Deeper Than Any Human Being

Never mind that you can’t dive thousands of meters below the waves — the robustness of these watches alone is worth the investment.

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Rakoh’s All Day Chelsea Boot Is The Go-Anywhere, Do-Anything Shoe You’ve Been Waiting For

You’re standing in your bedroom, staring down at your overstuffed carry-on and deluding yourself with the idea that maybe, if you just smush everything down a bit harder, you’ll be able to pack that second pair of shoes and avoid spending your entire vacation in ugly airplane sneakers. Suddenly your phone buzzes; your Uber has arrived, and you realize in a moment of cold, sweaty clarity that you’re too late. The shoes won’t fit. Airplane sneakers it is.

At least, that would have been the case prior to the launch of the footwear brand Rakoh. After finding himself in precisely this predicament one too many times, Rakoh’s founder, Raphael Kohlberg, took it upon himself to make a shoe that was comfortable enough to walk around in all day and stylish enough to wear out all night; a shoe that works hard and wears easy. Enter the All Day Chelsea Boot: a handsome, handmade Chelsea boot cut and sewn in Italy from premium Italian leather, combined with lightweight technical materials for flexibility, comfort and traction. This is the go-anywhere, do-anything shoe that you’ve been waiting for — a shoe for where you’re going, and for wearing while you go. All you have to do is pick a color.

Get On Board with OluKai’s New Boat Shoes

The boat shoe has been something of a summer classic ever since Paul Sperry put the final stitches in his prototype pair back in 1935. As the story goes, he was so impressed by his dog’s ability to run across a frozen lake without slipping that he attempted to recreate the texture of his companion’s paws by cutting narrow slits or “siping” into the soles of his shoes. Of course, his design didn’t gain much traction on the ice, so to speak, but it did prove reliable on the smooth, wet surface of a boat deck.

Fast forward nearly one-hundred years and the boat shoe looks almost exactly the same. That is, until now. OluKai — the Hawaii-inspired brand making handsome, functional footwear for all manner of amphibious activities — has redesigned the boat shoe from the ground up. We got our hands (and feet) on a pair of its new Nohea Moku style for a closer look — here are a few of the details that stand out.

1. All-weather; no worries: The Nohea Moku’s all-weather, non-marking rubber cupsoles feature custom razor siping for traction on wet surfaces. Textured pads under each sole make for a tangible improvement over traditional boat shoe outsoles and make this shoe a perfect fit for onboard wear.

2. Non-slip’n slides: OluKai’s patented Drop-In Heel® collapses neatly down into the footbed for easy, slip-on wear. But the Nohea Moku holds up in the chop, too — just flip the heel back up and let those elastic, no-tie bungie laces lock your foot firmly in place while you ride the wave to calmer waters.

3. Keep your cool: The Nohea Moku’s lightweight, breathable mesh upper and air mesh tongue and gusset use stretch bootie construction to ensure comfortable barefoot wear while keeping your feet cool and dry.

These Rugged Headphones Just Dropped In a Special Colorway

You already know that Jaybird makes some of the most athletically adept tech products out there. Its Bluetooth headphones can stand up to anything you may encounter at the gym, on long cross country runs, or even in the backcountry on the skintrack. Jaybird’s Vista true wireless headphones were our pick for one of the best fitness products of 2019, and now they’re out in a whole new colorway. These adventure-ready headphones are built to exacting standards and still deliver quality audio for your workouts and explorations. We took a look under the hood of the Vista to get a rundown on how they do what they do — and of course that new colorway.

1. A Special-Edition Colorway: While Jaybird offers a handful of attractive colorways in the Vistas, we’re partial to the new special-edition. The Planetary Green pattern is inspired by our planet and all the places you can explore with the Vistas pumping into your ears.

2. Military-Grade Ruggedness: The Vistas are one of the only totally wireless headphones that meet the U.S. Military MIL-STD 810G rugged compliant standards. To meet those standards, the Vistas had to sustain repeated shock, vibration, drop and crush tests, and withstand extended exposure to different weather conditions. All of this to make the most rugged headphones you can find.

3. Designed for Anyone: These headphones are designed for the athletes and adventurers in any of us, but they work for everyone else, too. They’re lightweight and compact with great battery life, and come built with customizable sound settings via the Jaybird app. Like all of Jaybird’s other headphones, they also offer a secure fit for your ears and superb sound quality.

These Are All the Things You Should Buy From Backcountry’s Semi Annual Sale

Backcountry’s Semi-Annual Sale is the stuff of legends. The much-anticipated sale has finally hit and well, what can we say — the line up is just as impressive as always. Top brands like Patagonia, The North Face, Arc’teryx and Black Diamond are all included. We put together a quick list of some of the toasty garments and gear you can grab from Backcountry while the sale is running strong.

Patagonia Retro Pile Pullover Jacket

With high-pile shearling fleece, this may be the comfiest item in the lineup. Soft and fuzzy, it’s a classic Patagonia joint and is ideal for times when you wanna get warm and stay warm. It’s also outfitted with a deep chest zipper to help you cool down if you need to.

Patagonia Primo Puff Jacket

The stretchy Gore-Tex shell of the Primo puff is both ruggedly waterproof and comfortably breathable. The Plumafill insulation adds to the heat and will keep you warm even if you happen to get wet — unlike traditional down fill. An easily removable powder skirt helps transition from ski resort to ski town quickly.

Arc’teryx Camosun Parka

The Arc’teryx Men’s Camosun Parka is a sleek piece of urban outerwear with the kind of winter protection and details you would expect from the brand. High-loft European goose down gives you supreme warmth you can’t ignore.

Marmot Force 3P Tent

It isn’t just outdoor-ready clothes that are on sale at Backcountry. This three-person tent will shave substantial weight off your back while still giving you plenty of room for your toes and keeping you protected with a PU-coated rain fly and tent floor. This tent will certainly be worth its weight in gold on a cold rainy camp night.

Black Diamond Fineline Stretch Rain Shell

This jacket, made from four-way stretch face fabric, enables a full range of motion for levels of comfort not usually found in rain shells. The adjustable, climbing helmet-compatible hood means your safety isn’t compromised and you know it’s built to be tough.

Black Diamond Helio 105 Ski

Now the piece of kit you need to help put all these soft goods to the test. These ultra-light skis will make for easy lugging and dreamy descents with a balsa flax wood core and improved carbon fiber layup that helps dampness for a smooth feel on any run.

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