We’re working double time at GP HQ to search out and share the best Prime Day deals, but every so often we get a little… sidetracked. Here is a sampling of what our team is scooping up at great discounts today. [Note: some of these deals may have expired by the time you click through – but we have plenty of other recommendations here.]

Lavatools Javelin

In my position, I get to mess around with lots of fun things like tents and hiking boots and skis. While these things make up most of my professional life, they share space in my personal experience with other hobbies, like cooking. I’ve been cooking since my mom taught me how to make scrambled eggs and grilled cheese without any help (I think I was eight), and discovering new recipes has become a gratifying hobby. Some are more complicated than others and call for an upgraded kitchen arsenal — a new thermometer has been on my list for a while now. – Tanner Bowden, Associate Staff Writer

Instant Pot Ultra

I cook a lot at home, so I’m pretty excited about cutting time off some of the things I already do. (Did y’all know this thing can roast a whole chicken in less than 30 minutes? Mind. Blown.) Beyond that, I’m looking forward to joining Instant Pot’s Facebook community. It includes almost 1.5 million people who share recipes and lots of tips and tricks about everything from cleaning to troubleshooting. – Justin Fenner, Senior Associate Editor

Amazon Cloud Cam, Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Echo Spot

I recently decided to give into my tech lust and jump aboard the smart home train. I’ve owned a basic Alexa speaker for a while now and enjoyed using it for basic things like checking the weather, setting timers or listening to my daily briefing set of podcasts. Adding the ability to instantly see who is at the door or to check in on my sleeping infant feels like huge convenience given the odd layout of my house. I do hate the idea of system lock in, but these prices were just too good to pass up. Ben Bowers, Co-Founder


I’m hoping this will be my replacement for my Satechi Type-C Pro Hub adapter. The Satechi just doesn’t sit flush the way I’d like it to. Ars Technica rated the Vava its best USB-C hub for travel. With the amount that I’m on the road, I need something that is small and light, but still packs all of the features I need. This fits the bill. – AJ Powell, Assistant Editor

Sony Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

I’m embarrassed to say my current earbuds came with the phone I bought a few months ago. Everyone in my workspace has given me crap over my tiny, admittedly quite shitty earbuds. No longer. These Sony wireless headphones are as much speaker as my non-audiophile self needs, and apparently they’ll be able to shield my ears from my neighbors yelling at each other, too. – Will Price, Associate Staff Writer

KitchenAid 3-Speed Hand Blender

Milkshakes, frothed-milk, salsa and puréed soups: this is just a small glimpse into the expansive world of flavor that can be unlocked by owning an immersion blender. Interestingly enough, its the one kitchen appliance I didn’t have and $40 for this well-rated KitchenAid seemed like as good a deal as any. – Andrew Connor, Staff Writer

Black + Decker 20-Volt Max Lithium Drill/Driver with 30 Accessories

I never thought I would be excited about a power drill, but the last day been a roller coaster of emotion trying to buy this. Just ask Nick Caruso. [It’s true. Geneva has been distraught most of the day. – Nick] – Geneva Auduong

Amazon Echo Dot

I have a Dot of my own, and figured it’d be a good chance to pick up an extra for my parents. They like using Alexa, and this little fella is cheap (especially now) and simple. Not an awesome speaker by any means, but if you want to talk to a robot assistant, it’s hard to find something better. – Nick Caruso, Associate Editor

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