Listen to music for hours on end with the SoundFlow Wireless Earbuds from US-based Ascape Audio. This device works in conjunction with the SoundFlow Battery Phone Case to provide you with unlimited hours of audio playback.

These true wireless earbuds provide you with stunning sound clear of ambient noise with its built-in high-fidelity Graphene Drivers and AptX HD Audio. It provides eight hours of comfortable listening experience with its lightweight and ergonomic design that fits securely to your ear with a simple twist-to-lock mechanism.

The SoundFlow Wireless Earbuds uses tap motions to control music playback including play/pause and skip forward/backward. The same goes for answering and ending calls and activating voice assistant. Meanwhile, its built-in dual digital mic allows for hands-free calling so you can take calls in both ears.

These earbuds are built for use both in the indoors and outdoors. They are IP56 waterproof and dustproof so they’re safe to use even in a downpour.  Best of all, they recharge fast using the SoundFlow Battery Phone Case, which powers up both earbuds and smartphone simultaneously.

Aside from it being a portable power bank, the case also holds the earbuds in place so you never lose them. It also protects your phone from bumps, drops, and bounces. It uses AeroFlex Impact Protection Technology to absorb the shock even from drops up to 25ft.

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Photos Courtesy of SoundFlow