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When we launched our Bourbon Bracket to run alongside March Madness, we had a sneaky suspicion that the winner would be a whiskey for the everyman. We were right. Buffalo Trace beat out the competition to take the crown as the best bourbon around today. What is awesome about that is, it is an immensely affordable bourbon.

Normally hovering around $30, Buffalo Trace is a bang-for-your-buck option that always delivers, whether you’re looking to drink it straight, on the rocks, or however you like to imbibe.

Right now, the affordable option is even more affordable at Caskers, where the price has dropped down to only $24. This isn’t a blockbuster deal, but picking up a bottle or two (and maybe one for dad or a grad) when it’s marked down like this is never a bad idea. And it’s a breath of fresh air in a category that continues to see prices soaring.


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