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Some of New Balance’s Top Running Shoes Are On Sale Now

New Balance started in Boston, Massachusetts in 1906 as a company to improve shoe fit, but quickly found its niche in the running shoe world. The brand is now known internationally as a running superpower — after Nike, it’s pretty much the most well-known American sporting goods company. The brand has found praise on many online running forums thanks to its vast array of models and high-performance shoes. Running nerds (no shame) know the exact model numbers for their favorite sneakers and which version is better than the other — there was a lot of discussion about New Balance’s decision to radically change everything about the 1080 V5 when the V6 launched. As with any running shoe, it’s best to try it on and test it out in store to see how it’ll feel when underfoot, but with deals this good, we’d understand if you purchased first, tested later.

M680v5 by New Balance $75 $60

1500v4 by New Balance $110 $70

890v6 by New Balance $130 $90

Fresh Foam 1080v7 by New Balance $150 $95
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