Seiko’s Astron series, first introduced in 2012, is Seiko’s take on the high-end, high-function quartz watch. The line boasts features like solar-charing, world time and a perpetual calendar but, most crucially, boasts GPS connectivity. This allows Astron watches to automatically sync to the correct time worldwide, a particularly handy feature for those who frequently travel across time zones.

Typically, all these watches have boasted a sports watch aesthetic and fairly large proportions, but the Seiko’s new 5X Astron series is “the world’s smallest and thinnest GPS solar watch,” according to the brand. That begets a smaller, more wearable timepiece, and save for two references in the new 5X lineup, all the watches are 42.9mm in diameter and 12.2mm thick. For reference, the brand’s 8X World Timer is 44.8mm in diameter and 12.4mm thick. They’re small changes on paper, but as every watch enthusiast knows those millimeters make a big difference on the wrist. What’s more, the new movement adds automatic adjustment for daylight savings to the mix.

Six new references using the 5X movement will be available, many with a titanium case and bracelet, while one features rose gold plating and a rubber strap, and all with ceramic bezels. Prices will start at around €2,200 ($2,543) and range up to around €2,600 ($3,000).