It Looks BMW-esque

The Toyota Supra’s reveal at the North American International Auto Show is right around the corner. However, the details keep leaking out. Toyota won’t have much to discuss at the official reveal. Carscoops just showed off the Supra GR’s interior thanks to some new image leaks it got ahold of. 

The interior of the car looks well put together and handsome, but there are some very BMW-looking elements to the interior. This should come as no surprise because the Supra was developed alongside the new BMW Z4.

Two versions of the Supra’s interior leaked. A two-tone, red and black version and an all-black version. The red and black one is the better looking of the two, and Toyota chose its colors and color placement well.

The red and back interior uses black as a base color and red as the accent. The Supra gets red on the steering wheel, lower portions of the door, and the driver’s side of the center console. 

The infotainment system, controls, shifter, and rotary knob for the car’s system all are straight out of BMW’s playbook. If I didn’t see the big Toyota logo on the steering wheel, I would have assumed this was the interior of a BMW car.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. BMW makes fantastic cars with excellent interior design. The Supra can benefit from that. Toyota doesn’t always make the best choices for its cabins, and using one that’s basically a BMW cabin is welcomed. With that said, I’m a little bummed Toyota didn’t really try to make it, its own.