Cutting boards are a strangely divisive topic among cooks. Internet cookware retailer, Food52, knew found that out rather quickly after asking its community what it wanted most out of a cutting board. More than 10,000 responses later, a cutting board built off the opinions of the many was made. And it’s pretty great.

The Five Two Double-Sided Cutting Board, the first product under Food52’s brand new in-house gear line, is made of maple, is flippable, has areas to grip when carrying and a few other smaller quality of life improvements. Namely juice grooves that are deeper than usual (helpful when carving a particularly juicy cut of meat), there’s a pooling and dumping corner for said juice and there’s a small slot to slide your smartphone into and follow recipes more simply. The juice grooves were also the most requested feature for the prospective cutting board. The dual-sided workspace is also a nice touch — the side with the juice grooves is for carving meats, the side with the phone slot is for chopping and prep work.

The first set of the $99 boards Food52 ordered were meant to last months, according to a representative for the website. It lasted less than a week (another round of boards are on the way, though). More crowd-sourced products from the Five Two line will release as the year goes on. Let’s hope each is this good.