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Bath robes are great, full stop. They’re a comfy and cozy transition from the shower to, well, whatever else you might wear during your day, and they serve beautifully as casual loungewear on days when getting dressed isn’t a priority. But not all of them are created equal. Case in point: Brooklinen’s Waffle Robe is one of the absolute best for its styling, construction and more — and right now, it can be had for over 20 percent off.

Waffle Robe

Brooklinen brooklinen.com

Since this unisex bathrobe is made from 100% Turkish cotton, it’s strong-yet-soft, lightweight, and super durable. Pair that with its unique waffled pattern and it is also fast-drying and super absorbent to help you stave off the chills of the cool morning air after a hot shower. Plus, if you get it in the Smoke or Graphite colorways, you can have it for just $78 instead of the normal $98 while supplies last — which they almost certainly won’t, so get this robe while you can.


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