During the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 9, we noticed that Samsung made some changes. It has apparently ditched the Gear label for its newest wearable. It’s currently unknown if the South Korean tech firm will abandon the naming convention entirely for its future products. Meanwhile, the launch event also highlighted the brand’s latest offering—the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

The company continues to promote its rotating-bezel control system. This is good since which most users consider it an innovative approach when it comes to a smartwatch interface. We observed that touch controls on such a tiny screen can be difficult at times. Wearable tech gadgets are designed to offer features that in some way make our lives a bit easier. Therefore, Samsung decided to include a new function intended to monitor our stress levels throughout the day. It’s a nifty little extra that will remind us to take a breather once in a while.

Wear OS is still nowhere to be seen on the Galaxy Watch, which still runs on its first-party Tizen operating system. For those who prefer to have a longer usage time between charges, we recommend that you go for the slightly bulkier 46 mm model. Unlike the 270 mAh battery of its 42 mm siblings, this one holds a 472 mAh unit instead. Depending on how you use the smartwatch, Samsung teases at least 4 to 6 days of battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Photos courtesy of Samsung