I know what you’re thinking — eating peanut or almond butter out of a squeeze pack is weird — but hear me out. Individually-packaged nut butter has been around since Skippy pedaled tubes of viscous peanuts to third graders in the nineties. Skippy was ahead of its time; it no longer packages its peanut butter in nine-ounce Squeeze Stix, but portable packets have picked up a following since, chiefly from athletes and protein fiends. It was good in grade school, but it’s better now.

RXBAR is the latest brand to take on nut butter. The company redefined protein bars — and the graphic design on protein bar packaging — with its “no B.S.” bars that contain only three or four pronounceable ingredients, all of which are listed in bold on the front of the wrapper. It’s taken the same tact with its nut butter.

RXBAR’s 32-gram packets come in three flavors: Vanilla Almond Butter (one egg white, 18 almonds, one half of a date), Honey Cinnamon Peanut Butter (one egg white, 27 peanuts, one half of a date) and plain old peanut butter (also one egg white, 27 peanuts and one half of a date). The three vary in flavor due to a handful of minor ingredients that aren’t listed on the package, like cinnamon, coconut oil, vanilla, honey and sea salt.

Like its bars, RX Nut Butter is quite tasty, but requires a little bit of open-mindedness, mostly due to texture. Try an RXBAR next to a Clif Bar, and you’ll get the picture. The nut butters are smooth but slightly gooier compared to the peanut butter you keep in a jar at home. In this case, different is good though. Eat these with yogurt and granola in the morning, as a condiment for an apple during a day hike, or plain when your stomach starts to growl audibly in the office at 11 am.

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