If you live in New York, or if you’ve been to this city’s big banking neighborhoods, you’ve likely seen a banker’s bag. If you haven’t, we’re referring to the canvas duffels issued to new hires at the big financial firms. They’re part of the welcome packet you might get at any other company, a sort of subtle mental sign to anyone who sees you on the street that you’re a money guy with Important Business to Attend to.

Today, Rowing Blazers released one for Pierce & Pierce, the fictional mergers and acquisitions firm that employs Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. But the brilliant thing about them is that they’re made by Warden Brooks, the company that creates real-life versions of these bags for the likes of Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs. Like those bags, the Pierce & Pierce bags are cut from a water-resistant, hearty 18 oz. canvas, and have just enough room for your gym gear and your daily copy of The Wall Street Journal.

The bag, part of Rowing Blazers’ brilliant Wall Street Bloodbath capsule, a winking nod to the October day in 1987 when all three major stock indexes lost more value than they ever had in a single day of trading. There’s also a baseball cap that says “FINANCE” and a t-shirt with a picture of a group of young traders holding up that day’s copy of The New York Post. Prices range from $48 to $125. No trading fees required.