Weather can really throw a damper on what you wear into the office. Clunky boots, oversized jackets and soaking wet pants make it tough to be presentable in the office. But more and more brands are choosing to utilize technical fabrics and materials to create office attire that looks good and performs well. Which means your rainy day style no longer has to be the sore thumb in your wardrobe. So grab a better umbrella, some technical dress pants, a bag that can withstand the elements and a few more essential items. Most importantly though, a pair of stylish waterproof shoes make rainy days just as good for your look as the rest of the week.

The Waterproof Shoes

Everything about rainy day style starts from the ground up. If you can’t keep your socks dry while dodging puddles then you’re going to have issues right away. You need something waterproof, which used to be something chunky and not all that sleek.

Johnston & Murphy’s XC4 Prentiss Plain Toe sneakers blend refined style with waterproof tech. The premium sneakers feature a super-soft waterproof leather and can be dressed up or down to fit any work style. And the neoprene stretch bootie lining means there’s another line of defense to keep your socks dry on those wet treks to work. When your feet can stay dry and look this good, everything else follows.

Everything Else To Stay Dry