Porsche Classic has unveiled it’s Project Gold. The project is based on a Porsche 993 Turbo and seeks to muscle into the thriving restomod scene currently dominated by the likes of Singer and Rennsport.

Restomods are popular these days. They take the classic designs and apply modern engineering to create a degree of comfort and performance of a modern road car. We have seen projects of this nature emerge from Jaguar Land Rover before. Porsche have clearly decided that they too can offer these services.

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The Porsche Project Gold will start with a classic body shell. The project gets hollow-spoke aluminium wheels with the contrasting touches applied through laser etching. Porsche are using a top of the range cathodic dip paint while inside, the interior and seats are finished in black leather with gold details.

The engine applied to this restomod is the 3.6 litre six-cylinder biturbo unit, the same as the serial model. For this project though, the engine has been uprated to Turbo S specification. It features an output of 450 hp and has been bespoke built by Porsche Classic.

The entire build is expected to take Porsche engineers around a year and a half. The finished project will undoubtedly distract attention from other manufacturers as Porsche begins to bring these potential customers in-house to its Porsche Classic department!