“A radical exercise in horizontality,” the Planar House is a cleverly-built dwelling with a massive green roof mimicking the surrounding lawn. The living roof not also provides energy efficiency (solar panels and insulation), it also doubles as an exquisite lounge area with arresting views.

Located in Brazil’s Porto Feliz, the abode is a solid concrete slab that blends in with its pristine surroundings. Inspired by “the elegant proportions of Miesian architecture, the home rests directly on cross-shaped metallic pillars distributed modularly in three axes.

The interior spaces are confined within two large boxes, one housing the service areas, a gym, and playrooms, while a second holding five en-suite bedrooms. Placed at each end of the property, two generously-sized living rooms can be completely opened by sliding glass doors, immersing the inhabitants into the scenic nature around.

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