We’ve written about it and written about it and written about it again — we really like Field Company’s reliable, wieldy, affordable skillet. Like, a lot. We’ve reported it on sale before (you’d know that if you clicked those links), but at 30-percent off, this is the most affordable we’ve seen the already-reasonable skillet (use the code skillet at checkout).

In short, Field’s skillet is an ideal combination of maneuverability (easy-gripping handle, very lightweight) and utility — you can thank a couple layers of pre-applied grapeseed oil and a surface as smooth as the stainless steel under the counter for that. It’s seasoned and non-stick out of the box, and it’s not so exorbitantly-priced as to make you baby it. It’s a cast-iron skillet, for heaven’s sake. Use it.

If you’ve been wringing your hands over jumping on the old-made-new cast-iron skillet bandwagon, this is as good an opportunity as you’ll have. The Field Skillet is marked down 30 percent, bringing it to $70. And you get a $25 credit toward a future purchase at Huckberry, too.

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