Leica, the German camera maker known for its high-end camera bodies and lenses, is now in the watchmaking business. The brand announced today that it will be launching a duo of high-end mechanical watches, the new L1 and L2, bearing the famous Leica name.

Both watches feature 41mm stainless steel cases and utilize hand-winding movements with an interesting configuration. The crown, for example, is apparently a “patented push-piece” design used to set the time, while a separate pusher is used to set the date function (on most mechanical watches, the crown is pulled out and twisted to set both date and time). Both watches also feature a power reserve indicator aperture on the dial with gradually-closing blades to indicate the diminishing power supply (presumably, the blades are a reference to a camera shutter).

The L1 will feature just the time, date and power reserve functions, while the L2 will also feature a dual-time GMT function, as well. Both watches appear to meet the standards to be labeled “Made in Germany.” In fact, according to Leica, all parts for the watch are made in Germany save for the crystal. Pricing will start at around 10,000 EUR for the more basic L1.

We’ll update this post with more information as we have it.

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