A few minutes of research into the best electric toothbrushes reveals there’s really only two brands worth targetting — Philips and Oral B. But only one of those brands has cut the price of its premium product in half.

Philips Sonicare DiamonadClean brush is rechargeable electric toothbrushing dynamo. Backed by published, publically available research, the brush was found to significantly reduce “supragingival plaque, gingival bleeding and gingival inflammation,” which, frankly, sounds horrific. It does its work through a combination of super-fast brush-stroking (31,000 strokes a minute) and the Sonicare’s trademark tech, that fires out sonic vibrations that dislodge plaque buildup.

At $200, the Sonicare DiamondClean is usually absurdly expensive. One anonymous Amazon reviewer wrote “This is a ridiculously priced toothbrush. Seriously, no way to get around it. It is absurdly priced and I’m almost embarrassed to be admitting that I bought it,” adding “With that said… Wow, this thing is amazing.”

During Prime Day, though, that $200 brush is a $100 brush, placing it in a significantly less painful price bracket. Also the product’s lowest price ever by an extra-wide margin.

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