Nobody likes buying shorts. We wear them when the weather gets so warm that pants become intolerable, or for active pursuits like running and hiking. In either case, the purchase is made more out of necessity than desire (like the kind we harbor for things like selvage denim blue jeans). A quality pair can be expensive, too. Prana’s Mojo Short is typically pricey at $50, but they’re currently marked down by 45% to just $27 at Backcountry.

The Mojo might be the most comfortable pair of shorts I’ve ever worn. That sounds like hyperbole, I know, but it’s true. I was searching for something that I could hike in and wear around town during the summer; that sought-after middle sector of the Venn diagram between function and style. The Mojo came to me on a recommendation from my brother, so I found a pair on sale (not for quite as much of a discount as this) and bought them. It was only a few weeks before I bought another pair (full price), and not so many more before my girlfriend began asking, in an implied-right-answer sort of way, if these would be my daily wardrobe for the summer.

The secret to the Mojo’s comfort is in its materials. They’re made of a soft and durable microfiber that’s lightweight, dries quickly and looks more structured than it feels. There’s also a wide elastic waistband that Prana pulled over from its popular yoga apparel, which is all designed for comfort and movement — you’ll appreciate it regardless of your knowledge of sun salutations. Shorts season may be coming to a close (or depending on where you live, it’s already over) but you should still get the Mojo, even if in a Hail Mary of anticipation for next year.

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