A car that is both agile and practical, as well as easy to park and fun to drive, the Nobe 100 Electric Car is the three-wheeled urban drive you never knew you needed.

Inspired by vintage icons like the MINI and the Volkswagen Beetle, this quirky little car features a beautiful classic design with elongated, fluid lines all over. The three-wheel drive (!), Estonian-built Nobe 100 offers three seats (two passengers in the front and one in the rear) and charges in around two hours. Three wheel-mounted hub motors provide a combined 60-hp, enough to push the lightweight vehicle from 0-60 mph in 6 seconds, on its way to a top speed of 68 mph. Total range is 137 miles per charge.

Inside, you get old-school manual windows, a minimalist dash with only a speedometer, smaller dial for amps and battery level, and a large clock, plus a detachable “luggage”-style battery pack that can be easily removed and recharged (in 30 min) from any standard European outlet, offering about 15 miles worth of juice. The Nobe 100 is expected to arrive on the European market by 2020.

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Images Courtesy of Nobe