When you’re a gearhead like us, you learn to appreciate the various forms of automotive design. Upcoming models and concept creations can generate excitement across the industry, but the demand for vintage masterpieces continues as collectors seek to add more to their garages. MZR Roadsports teases us with its selection of perfectly restored Datsun 240Zs.

What caught our undivided attention was the Sport-Design variant that looks ready to tear the open road. The UK-based shop kicks off the restoration process via a special dipping tank process that strips everything to bare metal. What follows is a series of bespoke modifications to some body panels as well as corrosion repairs. Enhancements are then applied to its steering components, suspension, and interior features as well.

You can select to equip this retro coupe with either a 2.8 or a 3.1-liter straight six engine mated to a 5-speed sports transmission. Modern upgrades such as push-button ignition, security alarm, central door locking mechanisms, integrated battery conditioner, and even a DAB Bluetooth classic sound system with iPhone compatibility are all included. The racing-inspired seats are covered in Nappa leather with special stitching. However, if the Sport-Design is not really your style, you can still consider the Sport-Edition or Classic-Edition from MRZ Roadsports.

MZR Roadsports Datsun 240Z Sport-Design

Photos courtesy of MZR Roadsports