Earlier this year I bought a Nikon F4S from eBay in an attempt to get into film photography. Being an avowed Nikon shooter for years, I sought out the F4S not just because of brand loyalty (and, let’s get real here, lens compatibility), but because in its time it was one of the most advanced 35mm shooters you could buy. It had not dawned on me, though, until I unearthed the F4S from its packaging that buying a flagship camera from the late ’80s would mean contending with some serious heft. Over two-and-a-half pounds, to be exact — for reference, that’s about a pound heavier than my D750. That may not seem like much, but you have to pick it up just to realize how dense the damn thing is. Clearly, a good camera strap was in order.

Which brings me to the Peak Design Slide, which is what currently affixed to my tank of a camera. It has proven to be perfect. It attaches to a camera with quick-release anchor links that are both secure and easy to use, while the slide buckle is similarly pain-free to adjust on the fly. That doesn’t even get to the best part: the actual strap itself, which is made from a seat belt-like webbing. That may not seem particularly glamorous, but a seat belt is meant to be both supportive and comfortable. Similarly, the Slide Strap feels soft to the touch and comfortably conforms to your torso while effortlessly supporting my heavy-ass camera. Honestly, after walking around for a while, I forget it’s even there.

Naturally, a considered design like this doesn’t come cheap, and while the Slide’s $50 asking price isn’t exactly astronomical, in the grand scheme of things it’s a big ask for a strip of nylon webbing. It’s fortunate, then, that you can pick it up for a more stomachable $40 right now from Massdrop. I promise it’s worth it.

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