While Naadam may be best known for turning the cashmere industry on its head, the ethically-minded brand is more than just sustainable cashmere. Aspiring to be a role model for how clothing companies should operate in the 21st century, Naadam uses only clean energy powered production facilities and it never uses harsh chemicals or bleaches. To top it off, the company also offers livable wages to those typically getting the short end of the stick in the typical fashion production model.

The ethical luxury brand’s new fall line is full of pieces that are classic, affordable and will give you a virtuous feeling about buying (and ultimately wearing). Our editor has picked four of our favorites that blend Naadam’s environmental and social commitments with its elegant design standards.

Essential Crewneck


Let’s get one thing out of the way: Naadam is the only brand we’ve seen that can offer a 100% cashmere sweater for $75. Price also factors into sustainability, and by cutting out the middlemen of the cashmere trade, Naadam is able to offer herders a liveable wage while also passing savings along to you. If you only buy one sweater this fall, make it this one.

Axis Lounge Pants


Silk cashmere sweatpants sound like the softness holy grail. But Naadam made these a dream come true by blending their ethically-sourced cashmere with silk made from the silkworm’s leftover cocoon — Naadam even partners with mills that don’t harm silkworms. The lightweight, spruced-up sweatpants offer a smooth feel and a relaxed fit. The Axis Lounge Pants make us want to start deviating from the jogger trend.

Felted Wool Jacket


A go-to jacket for all occasions is a fall and winter must. And Naadam’s new Felted Wool Jacket is just that. Made from a compact fabric with a fluffy texture, the 100% felted wool offers an easy structure that doesn’t wrinkle — making it a cross between a chore jacket and a blazer. With a versatile collar, front pockets and half button closure, the Felted Wool Jacket is a distinct piece you’ll want to wear for months on end.

Contour Tee


An elevated tee can do wonders for your wardrobe. Naadam took its spectacular blend of cashmere and silk from the Axis Lounge Pants and used it to make a dreamy t-shirt. The Contour Tee is lightweight and perfectly fitted for softness that moves with your body, ensuring it never clings or bulges. With attention to detail and focus on comfort, the Contour Tee has exactly what you should expect from a luxury t-shirt.