Creating one pair of shoes is no small feat: there’s a design to engineer, materials to source and a fit to nail before you can even make a sample, much less actually produce the things. So it’s an impressive feat that Mr P. — the well-crafted in-house clothing brand that Mr Porter introduced last year — unveiled its first line of shoes this week with not just one, nor five nor ten new pairs, but a whopping 15.

“We’ve been thinking about footwear since the inception of Mr P.,” said Ollie Arnold, Mr Porter’s style director. “But like the [clothing], we wanted to ensure we had all the elements in place to produce the perfect pair of shoes, which can take some time.”

The lineup was designed to work with Mr P.’s clothing — and the line’s broader mission of offering the complete men’s wardrobe. It includes everything from a pair of crisp white sneakers that you can wear right now to hiking-style boots that’ll keep your feet warm long after fall’s deepest chill has set in. Its structure also mirrors Mr P.’s clothing offering. Eight pairs make up a permanent collection of styles Mr Porter’s customers will always be able to order. Another seven are seasonal editions, suited perfectly to the season when they’re released.

“Each style we offer is purposeful — from the sneakers for casual looks to the perfect loafers for an elevated look, or even a shearling-lined boot to trudge through snow,” Arnold added. “And although we firmly believe you could get away with only owning Mr P. shoes, our footwear is designed to complement and supplement your existing wardrobe and shoe collection.”

The shoes range in price from $290 for a pair of suede sneakers to $615 for the aforementioned shearling-lined boot you can wear to trudge through snow. They’re not cheap, but they’re built to last. Each shoe is made in some of the world’s finest factories, and every pair has been thoroughly considered. You see that in everything from the additional pair of laces that ships with each order to the chunky soles on some of the dressier shoes.

“We’re designing with practicality in mind, and our customers appreciate the consideration that goes into each design,” Arnold said. “Take our Jacques brogue boot, for example, which features a Dainite sole well known for providing comfort and grip — two key components of a pleasant commute to work in the snowy winter months –- but also is a classic design that won’t go out of style.”

And that’s true — there’s not a pair in the lineup we couldn’t see stylish guys wearing for a while. An up-close look at every shoe in the line, below.

The Permanent Collection

Larry Leather Sneakers by Mr P. $325

Lucien Polished-Leather Derby Shoes by Mr P. $540

Jacques Leather Derby Shoes by Mr P. $540

Dennis Leather Loafers by Mr P. $540

Dennis Suede Loafers by Mr P. $540

Jacques Leather Derby Boots by Mr P. $540

Lucien Polished-Leather Derby Shoes by Mr P. Coming Soon

Jacques Leather Derby Shoes by Mr P. Coming Soon

The Seasonal Styles

Jacques Shearling-Lined Boots by Mr P. $615

Larry Suede Sneakers by Mr P. $290

Jacques Full-Grain Leather Brogue Boots by Mr P. $510

Jacques Suede Boots by Mr P. $540

Lucien Suede Desert Boots by Mr P. $565

Jacques Suede Derby Shoes by Mr P. Coming Soon

Jacques Suede Boots by Mr P. Coming Soon