We don’t have long before we finally get to see McLaren’s next hypercar, an addition to the Ultimate Series, meaning it will have performance comparable to the P1. Specifically, we have less than a month to wait, since the car, supposedly called P15, will be revealed on Dec. 10.

The company also released its second teaser for the car. It shows a very slender taillight with a large slatted vent above it and a mesh covered vent below it. Combined with the triple-exit exhaust we’ve previously seen, it should be quite aggressive-looking.

McLaren is staying fairly tight-lipped outside of these small details, but it did confirm one thing that was rumored. The company said that this will indeed be an extremely track-focused car, more than any previous McLaren, with “daily usability sacrificed to give the most intensive driver experience around a circuit.” This should also provide some contrast with the other hypercar in development, the BP23, which McLaren describes as being a “Hyper-GT,” which seems to imply that it will be more comfortable and practical.

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