The Pininfarina Battista may be the wildest car revealed this year. It’s an all-electric supercar with 1,900 horsepower that promises a 0-60 mph time of under 2 seconds. Piloting one sounds akin to a jump to hyperspace. The only bad thing we can say about it now is that you can’t buy one yet — even so, a small redesign was revealed at the Turin Motor Show. None of the performance specs have budged, but there are a few styling elements that have been tweaked.

Pininfarina justifies the changes in the name of aerodynamics. Testing done after the car’s initial debut in Geneva showed that things could be improved, so Pininfarina set out to do so. The lower front grille area has been massaged with some reshaping. Additional elements have been added inside the front opening with a couple extra slats framing the honeycomb grille. Also, the side mirrors have been drastically redone, looking far more exotic and slippery than before. It’s safe to say that all these noticeable changes don’t do anything to change our opinion about how fantastic it looks.

Here’s a comparison — the redesigned Battista in blue is on top, the original is below in white.

Pininfarina Battista updateBattista old front end

We’re told to expect the next stages of wind tunnel and road testing to take place this summer in Italy. Will there be further changes to the design after this? Who knows. We do know that the plan for making just 150 of them hasn’t changed, though. The latest from Pininfarina says to expect a driving range of about 280 miles and a top speed of 217 mph. A 0-180 mph time of 12 seconds is quoted as an official acceleration figure, too. Production is supposed to begin in 2020, and we expect that to go on for some time after in order to build all 150 cars.