McLaren will bring its hardcore, 789-horsepower Senna road car to the Geneva Motor Show, and all 500 examples are already spoken for. One of the five themes, a bespoke version created by McLaren Special Operations (MSO), is the “Carbon Theme” Senna. As one would expect, it’s covered in carbon fiber, and the interior echoes the theme with Carbon Black Alcantara trim.

The car’s body is covered in 67 Visual Carbon Fiber parts, which took almost 1,000 hours to produce. The glossy black weave is accentuated with Solar Yellow and Laurel Green detailing, as a nod to F1 Legend Ayrton Senna’s helmet livery and home country of Brazil. McLaren says the Carbon Theme adds almost £300,000 (about $415,000) to the Senna’s £750,000 (nearly $1.04 million) price tag.

McLaren says it will also offer the ultra-lightweight MSO 7-Spoke Hybrid Carbon Fiber wheels as an option to Senna customers. These center-lock wheels feature a forged aluminum and carbon fiber construction, reducing weight by 10 percent and rolling inertia by 10 to 15 percent compared to the standard wheels. This translates to better acceleration, braking and steering response.

“The McLaren Senna customers in the process of specifying their own, personalized cars are almost without exception commissioning an elevated level of MSO content,” said McLaren Special Operations Managing Director Ansar Ali, “so we are definitely appealing to our target audience. With the car having generated so much interest since its unveiling in December, we knew we needed to produce something very special in order to showcase the unique talents of McLaren Special Operations.

In its press release introducing the Carbon Black Senna, McLaren also hinted at something special at the Geneva Motor Show. Tucked at the very end of the text, McLaren says that in addition to introducing the Senna, the company will make some sort of “surprise announcement.” Speculate away.

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