With enough money, you can usually get a supercar manufacturer to build just about anything. McLaren Special Operations is a division of the British automaker set up just to work with customers on bespoke products. Today, McLaren announced that one customer is about to take home a nearly identical pair of cars completely tailored to his tastes. They’re called the MSO R Coupe and MSO R Spider.

The pair appear to be based on the McLaren 675LT and 675LT Spider, respectively. Both cars are powered by McLaren M838TL 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8. In these cars, the engine makes 679 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. McLaren says both engines have been blueprinted and the heads and exhaust ports hand polished. The exhaust features a crossover muffler to optimize exhaust flow. The ends of the system are titanium.

The most notable change to the car’s styling is the addition of a number of aerodynamic devices, including a large twin-element rear wing. The cars also have front dive planes and louvered fenders to optimize airflow. The front bumper, hood, louvered fenders, roof scoop, rear deck, and side mirror arms and casings are all made of carbon fiber. A carbon fiber stripe runs down the center of the cars. Both cars are painted in the same shade of silver, though the coupe is done in a matte finish. There are red accents along the bottom and on the rear-wing endplates.

Likewise, the interior is a mix of carbon and red trim. Most of the dash is covered in black Alcantara with contrasting red stitching. Most of the trim is exposed carbon fiber. The fixed-back seats are covered in a bright red shade of Alcantara. There are some bespoke touches on the instrument cluster that show the MSO R logo, along with a plaque in the door of each car.

There’s no word on who purchased the car or where he might live, but the car is left-hand drive. That suggests the car isn’t likely to stay close to McLaren’s home base in Woking.

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