Late last year, McLaren announced a supercar project with a center seating arrangement, which it called the “Bespoke Project 23” — a suitably obscure codename for a British prototype. After all, this is the country whose atomic bomb project in WWII was codenamed “Tube Alloys,” so there’s a penchant for understatement and obscurity. In any event, we don’t know much about the thing yet, despite lots of teasers, except that McLaren hopes it’ll be a worthy successor to the legendary F1.

We did see the company testing the center seating arrangement in a hacked-up 720S prototype. And now there’s an official photo, showing triple tailpipes surrounded by a similarly-shaped surround made of what looks to be aluminum, possibly titanium. It’s obviously nestled in the rear of the BP23, since side-pipes wouldn’t look like this. Otherwise, there’s not much to glean from it. It’s nice to know, however, that the project is progressing and is officially official — although McLaren’s been talking about this car since at least last November, so this “confirmation” is a formality of little importance.

We’ll be watching for updates on the BP23 and bring you whatever we find. Hopefully that’ll include a better name, the sooner the better.

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