The McLaren 720S was just introduced at the Geneva Motor Show last week. Over the weekend, it – or something like it – was spotted in Raleigh, NC, outside a Carolina Hurricanes hockey game. So is it, or isn’t it, the 212-mph British supercar?

Redditor MyNameIsBUNS posted this image just days after the car’s Geneva reveal. It sure looks like a 720S, and Autoblog Editor-in-Chief Mike Austin, who saw the car in Geneva, is certain this is the real deal. So how did it get on the road so fast? And why North Carolina?

Though the price of a McLaren 720S is just shy of $300,000, that’s within reach of an NHL player – based on salaries, it could belong to anyone on the Hurricanes roster. A bigger pool of potential owners would be tech-industry execs in the Raleigh Durham Triangle.

One Redditor who commented on the photo said he recognized it as a press car. We doubt that, but if so, we at Autoblog are going to have to get on McLaren’s signup sheet. More likely, the car belongs to the manufacturer.

Meanwhile, McLaren is already offering customized versions of the 720S. If you’d like to waste a little time at work, have fun building your own supercar with the McLaren 720S configurator.

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