A new Lister Knobbly is officially on its way to production, says Lister CEO Lawrence Whittaker via Twitter. Not only did he tell us the car is coming, but we have another picture beyond the teaser for the concept released late last month. Lister’s first teaser was of a two-seat open-air roadster, and this new photo depicts the same thing from a different angle. We loved the side profile, and the three-quarter view is just as dashing.

Changes between the first and second teaser photos are minimal. It’s tough to be completely sure, but the wraparound windshield looks less curvy in this concept. A new color scheme is the most obvious difference, and we dig the silver just like we did the grey.

No actual specs or details are being made available at this point. Lister, an old British company, works closely with Jaguar, so a powertrain from that direction wouldn’t be out of the question. It currently uses the 5.0-liter supercharged V8 in its F-Pace LFP SUV, so that solution would be the most obvious one. Lister managed to turn the power all the way up to 670 horsepower through a bevy of modifications. That much power in an open-top roadster would be totally bonkers, especially since the concept barely even has a windshield. A timeframe for when the car will be available and where it will be sold is still MIA, but the concept looks pretty close to a finished product.

For those who love the Knobbly name as much as we do, know that it comes from the original 1958 Lister Knobbly. We’re excited to have it back.