New Jersey-based customizers Benjie’s Cafe Racers are good at taking old bikes (mostly) and transforming them into road-worthy pieces of art, using only original designs & parts that are made in-house. One of their most outstanding creations is a blade-like 2-wheeler that’s perfect for stripe-riding, dubbed the ‘Lane Splitter 54’.

Built for a local Yamaha dealer, the bike is based on a 2016 SR400 model. Its transformation began with ditching the subframe and the addition of a stainless steel tail and leather seat fitted on a new perch. A custom exhaust has been fabricated and runs through the tail unit, while various parts hand-made from aluminum–including a front fairing, tank, and disc brake with art deco-inspired vented cover–complete the unique bike.

The result is a beautifully-shaped metallic ride that measures a slender 21 inches (54 cm) in width, totally deserving the name of ‘Lane Splitter 54’.

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Images Courtesy of Benjie’s Cafe Racers