Lamborghini appear to be working on something very special. Invitation cards have confirmed that the new hybrid supercar is currently being previewed to prospective clients in Italy under the tag line “The Power to Shape the Future”.

The car in question is known internally as the Lamborghini LB48H and will be Lamborghini’s first foray into the hybrid supercar world. Rumours suggest that the prototype is based on the Terzo Millennio Concept revealed a few years ago.

Early information suggests that 200 clients were invited to the event with 63 copies of the Lamborghini LB48H up for grabs. Some are suggesting that the LB48H will be a pre-cursor to the Aventador replacement. It is certainly expected to launch before the Aventador replacement which is still a couple of years down the line.

Information posted on forums suggests that the :B48H will use a naturally aspirated V12 engine coupled with a regenerating hybrid system. The V12 will put out 789 hp and the hybrid drive will add an additional 49 hp.