How could Lamborghini make its Huracán Performante even more special? Simply by introducing a topless Spyder variant. The manufacturer suggests the engine note can be heard better with the top open. The Performante is the hot Huracán, its 5.2-liter V10 producing a handsome 640 horsepower, and our 2017 review described the Performante as the character-adding boost the Huracán model line so required. Part of that is due to its ALA active aerodynamics system, or Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva. Lamborghini says the downforce-aiding system, which features active flaps on the splitter and the rear wing, is retained in the Spyder version.

As seen in the regular Huracán Spyder, the fabric roof is electro-hydraulic, and according to the manufacturer it only takes 17 seconds to deploy, which can be done at driving speeds of up to 30 mph. Much like the BMW i8 Roadster’s setup, it also has an independently movable rear glass, which functions as a wind deflector when the roof is opened. But there’s more to wind control than just the glass: there are two movable, speedster style fins that rise up from behind the seat backs, continuing the roofline from where it left off. The fins also include an integrated duct that works to reduce cabin turbulence, and two wind guards dampen “aerodynamic pulsations.” Lamborghini says this is to enable conversation even at high speeds, even as one imagines there would be precious little idle chatter when the Performante really performs.

The removal of the fixed roof has added 275 pounds to the dry weight of the Performante, but compared to the regular-issue Spyder, the car is 77 pounds lighter thanks to extensive, Performante-specific use of carbon fiber. Lamborghini says the top speed of 202 mph is unchanged; 0-62 mph takes 0.2 seconds more and is now reached in 3.1 seconds. The 200-kph or 124-mph benchmark takes 9.3 seconds. The first cars will be available in the summer, with a suggested retail price of $308,859.

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