Rumor, anonymous sources, and Internet probing point to Lamborghini preparing a new limited-edition hypercar in the vein of the Centenario, Veneno, and Sesto Elemento. At the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, the carmaker’s head of R&D told Car Advice, “Soon we will present to our most important customers a new version of what we call a one-off.” The Supercar Blog reports Lamborghini did just that a few weeks ago at a private event in Italy. An anonymous source said the vehicle is codenamed LB48H, and looks like the 2017 Terzo Millennio concept.

Assuming all of this is true, whatever’s coming won’t be a genuine one-off. Remember, the Sant’ Agata brand made 40 Centenarios, four Venenos, and 20 Sesto Elementos. The only true one-off for recent sale was the 2012 Aventador J.

According to The Supercar Blog, Lamborghini will make 63 of this newest revelation. We checked the production runs for every Lamborghini, no previous model got exactly 63 units. But the company started production in 1963 with the 350 GTV. The same way the Centenario referenced the 100th anniversary of Feruccio Lamborghini’s birth, the LB48H could celebrate the company’s beginnings in the second millennium — a natural tie-in with the Terzo Millennio (Third Millennium) inspiration.

The name, and an Instagram post, bolster suspicions. Lamborghini’s already said the next-gen Aventador due in 2020 and Huracán due in 2022 will get naturally-aspirated engines with hybrid power. We also know alphanumeric Lamborghini vehicle names identify aspects of the car. In the hybrid Asterion LPI 910-4 concept from 2014, the LP stood for longintudinale posteriore, as with current production models, the I stood for the Italian word for hybrid, Ibrido, the 910 for the horsepower. With the LB48H, we take the the L we know, we’ll take the H for Hybrid. So what do the B and 48 represent?

On June 18, Miguel Costa, who appears to head Lamborghini’s Lisbon, Portugal dealership, published an Instagram post that said, “We made it possible! Soon!” For hashtags, he wrote, #masterpiece, #lamborghini, #lamborghinilisboa, and #lb48h. The #masterpiece and #lb48h hashtags soon disappeared from the post. When Jalopnik asked Lamborghini about the situation, the automaker said, “We are not confirming this.”

The Italian automaker uses these specials to preview design and technology elements headed for the range; the Centenario introduced rear-wheel steering that made its way to the Aventador S, for instance. The car itself is expected to cost around $2.5 million and go into production by the end of this year, with deliveries at the end of next year. We’re told that more viewings for prospective clients will happen soon in New York and Tokyo, and by the time we see it, it’ll be sold out.

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