Recently, I found what might be the best cap for summer. My search for a breathable, understated cap with a moderately-sized flat brim led me to Battenwear’s Travel Cap. First designed for fall/winter collections, this American-made cap is offered this summer in a breezy linen-cotton blend. The five-panel design features stitched eyelets for ventilation, an internal browband and the brand’s embroidered logo at the front left.

The cap arrived by mail in a flat envelope. The mailer was so thin, I didn’t expect to see it when upon opening, but because of the simple design and lightweight fabric, it packs down flat (a major plus for travelers). Because I have a larger head, my common practice when getting a new adjustable cap is to expand it to the biggest circumference. When I did this with the Travel Cap’s nylon strap, I experienced the oddest thing — the cap was actually a little loose. So, I readjusted and achieved an ideal fit for my head. If you’re someone who struggles to find a five-panel cap that’s a little bigger, then this is the hat for you.

While the design is a classic, the fit of the Travel Cap is tweaked just enough to be incredibly appealing —– it’s a distillation of Battenwear’s ethos in a single product. In 2011, Shinya Hasegawa founded Battenwear with his wife Carrie in New York City, releasing a line of understated vintage-inspired garments in summer 2012. An avid surfer, Hasegawa worked as Assistant Designer at Woolrich Woolen Mills with Daiki Suzuki and Mark McNairy before starting Battenwear, and his designs reflect both his training and his love of the outdoors. Garments riff on classic silhouettes and designs, but feature updated fits, top-quality materials and obsessed-over details. From the position of an interior pocket on a parka to the top button-loop on a shirt, Hasegawa has found simple and functional solutions in almost every garment.

While the summer release of the Travel Cap comes in four colors — beige, navy, light pink and powder blue — the beige and navy colorways are already sold out. If you’ve been looking to pick up a new cap for the warmer months, the remaining colors are both versatile and seasonally-appropriate.

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