Jaguar recently confirmed that it will be debuting a production version of last year’s C-X16 concept car. The Jaguar F-Type (not to be mistaken with F Type), is expected to cost from around £50,000 and has a planned release date of summer, 2013.

Released at the 2012 New York Motor Show, the two-seater sports car has a new all-aluminum body and will be launched as a convertible rather than the traditional coupe.

A hard-top version will follow shortly after the soft-tops initial release.

Jaguar hasn’t released many details yet but we do know that the rear-drive sports car, codenamed X152, could have a hybrid setup and ‘push to pass’ power boost of the C-X16 concept car, but the technology is not ready yet and so it will follow suit at a later time.

Engine range is still unknown but will include units from Jaguar’s all-new engine family. It stands to reason then that the F-Type could feasibly include 2.0-litre turbo petrol – and maybe even a high-performance 2.0-litre turbodiesel. Manual and automatic transmissions are expected.

Jaguar has said that there will be four powertrains, including one that “at least” matches the performance of the C-X16. Acceleration of 60mph in less than five seconds and the F-Type’s top speed should be well over 180mph.

Jaguar F-Type SpyJaguar F-Type SpyJaguar F-Type SpyJaguar F-Type SpyJaguar F-Type SpyJaguar F-Type SpyJaguar F-Type Spy