Let’s be clear about something: there’s nothing physically standing in the way of you putting your suit in a washing machine — except years of hard-won evidence that it’s just not the best way to get it clean. Washing machines are notoriously vicious things, and while they’re effective at stripping dirt and grime from a variety of materials, their sudsy agitation can do a lot more harm than good to tailored clothing.

But that didn’t stop J.Crew from turning out a suit that you can wash alongside your t-shirts and gym shorts. Its Destination Stretch Performance Suit, available in the brand’s signature Ludlow fit, hit the brand’s site and stores this week. It’s made from a blend of cotton, nylon and elastane. And while it’s perfectly adept at resisting wrinkles, its material makeup means you can throw it in the washing machine when the time comes. (It also means this suit moves with you, can wick moisture away from your body, repels stains and resists water — which a lot of suits made from wool and other materials can’t say.)

You can pick up the suit in navy, black and charcoal at J.Crew stores and on its website starting now.