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Revised styling, a little more oomph (to the tune of 40 hp) and a new four-wheel steering system mark just a few of the changes Lamborghini is bestowing upon its flagship. Called the Aventador S, the V12 supercar has been refreshed by Lamborghini inside and out.

“This is the next-generation Aventador as well as the expression of new technological and performance milestones in super sports-car development,” says Lamborghini chairman and CEO Stefano Domenicali. “The Aventador S is visionary design, cutting-edge technology and driving dynamics in pure harmony, and it elevates the concept of super-sports cars to a new level.”

Lamborghini has updated the exterior styling with changes designed to achieve maximum efficiency, according to the automaker. Front downforce has been improved by more than 130 percent over the previous Aventador coupe. Lines reminiscent of the Countach are apparently baked into the new S, but we’re having trouble seeing them ourselves.

New to the Aventador S is four-wheel steering. The system is combined with the Lamborghini Dynamic Steering system on the front axle and integrated into the active Lamborghini rear-wheel steering system on the rear axle. The new system responds in just five milliseconds to a driver’s steering inputs and works in conjunction with a revised suspension.

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Power still comes from a 6.5-liter V12 engine, but horsepower is up 40 to 740. Torque is 508 lb-ft. A sprint to 62 mph takes 2.9 seconds as power is sent to all four wheels through a seven-speed automatic transmission. Top speed is a license-losing 217 mph.

An additional driving mode — Ego — is now available along with Strada, Sport and Corsa. The new mode provides several profiles, which are customizable by the driver.

Inside, drivers are met with a new TFT digital dashboard that can be customized to individual preferences with each of the four driving modes. Apple CarPlay is now standard, too. Optional is the Lamborghini telemetry system, which can record lap times and track performance as well as trip data. The interior can be personalized through Lamborghini’s Ad Personam program.

Fortunate customers can get their hands on the Lamborghini Aventador S this spring, with a suggested starting price of $421,350.