For the longest time, online watch enthusiasm was relegated to niche blogs and forums, but in recent years Instagram has become a conduit for the hobby, and its omnipresence has helped watch collecting expand. The photo-sharing platform is perfect for sharing enticing shots of timepieces new and old which, naturally, are conducive both toward sparking envy and simply learning about new watches you’ve never seen before. If you want a daily dose of wristwatch inspiration, there are no shortage of folks to follow, but these are some of our favorites.


Vintage watches tend to make up a vast majority of the watch coverage on Instagram, but PB and Watches tends to skew more towards newer tool watches. Shots are perfectly lit and uniquely composed. Where else are you gonna find a photo of a Rolex DateJust sitting in a bowl of JujyFruits?


If you spend your afternoon browsing the Analog/Shift webstore you’re familiar with Atom Moore’s work. Moore was the photographer behind the retailer’s beautifully-shot vintage watch listings and as you’d expect his Instagram does not dissapoint. New watches, unique vintage pieces and sharp detail shots abound.


Bexsonn is an online journal dedicated to watches and and spirits that you pretend to know everything about, and its Instagram, as such, is chock-full of gorgeous images of both watches and whiskey. So come for the ultra-crispy watch shots, stay for the booze advice.


Do you love vintage dive watches? Of course you do. And that’s what Worn & Wound contrinbutor Christoph McNeill provides exclusively on his Instagram, from icons to oddballs, even throwing in a modern vintage reissue every once in a while for good measure.


Okay, so maybe you’re more into vintage chronographs. Head on over to @watchfred which is mostly made up of vintage chronographs -specifically a whole lot of Breitling- though other brands are represneted, too.


TK Mak is the CEO of Hong Kong’s Blackbird Automotive (basically heaven if you’re into cars), but most of his Instagram is dedicated to detailing his insanely nuanced and tasteful collection of watches. If you understand the significance of a Rolex Tru-Beat, a “Blackout” Explorer or a Panerai Radiomir PAM21 you’ll feel at home. The ocassional Ferrari shot or vintage Braun radio is a nice bonus.


Gerlad Donovan’s love affair with vintage Grand Seiko watches started when he picked up a camera. But while you’ll mostly find shots of Japan’s finest on his Instagram account, Donovan has a predilection for exquisitely detailed haute horlogerie. If you want to get close up to movements, dials and case finishing he’ll have what you’re looking for.


Instagram account @kicktoc has a little bit of everything. Vintage. New. Affordable. Aspirational. Big-time watchmakers. Indie brands.


As the name wuld suggest, @heuerville skews towards old-school Heuer chronographs and divers. However, this doesn’t mean there isn’t a healthy smattering of tool watches form other brands, too.


Nathan Liusvia is both a photographer and a watch nut. It should go without saying he’s combined his two passions beautfully, with a grid packed full of excellent watch shots (a few of them next to coffee, which is also good).