It’s no secret that cashmere knits are expensive. Quality sweaters made with the fiber — the fine underdown of the cashmere goat — range widely in price from a few hundred dollars on the low end to a few thousand on the high end. The variation in price is due mainly to the quality and diameter of the fiber itself, which is measured in microns. That said, if you’ve invested in cashmere garments, you should care for them properly.

Unlike natural plant fibers like cotton or linen — or even certain wools — cashmere requires special care to guarantee its longevity. It’s with this in mind that heritage British cashmere brand N.Peal teamed up with NYC-based brand The Laundress on a range of nine products to care for high-quality cashmere. Founded in 1936, N.Peal recently opened its first US store in lower Manhattan, a short distance from where The Laundress sells its line of sustainable cleaning products for garments — the proximity led to a very practical collaboration.

The collection includes a set of liquids for cleaning your cashmere knits: a cedar-infused cashmere wash, a stain remover and a spray. Derived from plants, all of these are free of harmful chemicals like petroleum, phthalates, parabens and phosphates, and don’t use artificial colors or dyes. To help fend off moths, the collab offers cedar balls and storage bags to protect your pricey knits. And to keep your garments looking fresh and free of pilling, there are three unique products: a wooden cashmere comb to de-pill delicate items, a sweater stone to remove pilling and lint from chunkier knits and a brush — sourced from Redecker of Germany — that helps rejuvenate the yarn while removing lint, fuzz and hair.

All of the products offered are modestly priced and most cost less than $20. If you’ve put your hard-earned money into cashmere knits, this is a small price to pay to keep them looking great for years to come.

Cedar Balls by N.Peal x The Laundress $5

Cashmere Spray by N.Peal x The Laundress $10

Cashmere Comb by The Laundress $18

Cashmere Stone by The Laundress $18

Stain Solution by The Laundress $18

Cashmere Wash by N.Peal x The Laundress $19

Small Storage Bag by N.Peal x The Laundress $19

Large Storage Bag by N.Peal x The Laundress $22

Cashmere Brush by The Laundress $60