Can You Do It?

With all the new Supra news and multiple people putting the 2JZ engine in the new car, the team thought it best to get involved. We don’t have our hands on the new Supra yet. If we did, it’d be hard for us to not want to pull out the BMW-sourced engine and drop in the 2JZ engine that made the Supra so legendary.

To that end, we want to offer to you some incentive to make the conversion and then use it exactly how you should. If you can beat the righteous drift seen in the gif below in a new 2020 Supra that’s undergone the 2JZ engine conversion, then we’ll give you $500.

The $500 will go to the first person who pulls this off. If you can provide us photographic evidence of the 2JZ engine in your new Supra and video evidence of you performing a drift that beats the one above, then the money is yours.

The new 2020 Supra has spurred some vitriol from many enthusiasts due to the fact that it borrows so much from BMW. Despite this, it’s a killer car, and the fact that people are removing the BMW engine and putting in the 2jZ straight-six engine is amazing and hilarious. It’s a clear indicator of how important the Supra has become, and we want to be a part of that rich legacy if only peripherally. $500 is yours for the taking. Go smoke some tires and get back to us.

You can watch the whole video of the Supra doing its thing on the track below. The drift begins at the 2:40 mark.

[embedded content]