It’s weird, teetering on crazy, to rant about a coffee mug changing your life. I know this. But last Sunday, a barista served me an average cup of coffee (black, always) inside the exceptional Lino Coffee Mug ($31). It’s the brainchild of LA-based design firm notNeutral, and now every other coffee vessel is dead to me.

Lino’s take on the familiar kitchen essential is to drinking ergonomics what the Aeron Chair is to sitting down. The secret’s all in a handle that flattens at the top to lie flush with the rim of the cup. It lets the majority of your thumb rest comfortably up top, freeing your remaining digits to latch on with confidence. Lino originally devised the feature for pro baristas tasked with turning lattes into milk Monets. It provides much more stability and control when holding with one hand.

The first time I picked it up, it finally felt like I used my hand to naturally usher coffee to my lips, instead of a turkey foot. The mug also boasts excellent thermal insulation, and with a 10-ounce capacity, you can have the physical gratification of filling and draining it multiple times, without ending the day feeling like you rammed your skull directly into the coffee pot.

Best of all, the Lino collection comes in an entire size run if you prefer to get your fix via espresso, lattes or cappuccinos.


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