Minden, Nevada-based Hunter RMV builds some of the biggest, most capable off-road recreational vehicles in the industry. Starting at under $200K, their solid 4×4 campers are also among the most affordable you’ll ever find (with a big difference). Case in point, the Hunter Predator 6.6 Off-Road RV.

Based on a former military Light Medium Tactical Vehicle (used to transport soldiers and cargo across rugged terrains), the Predator 6.6 is powered by a 6-cylinder 6.6L Caterpillar diesel engine. The 225-hp turbocharged and aftercooled powerplant is paired with a seven-speed automatic transmission, sending power to all four wheels. Maximum speed is 70 mph, the tow load is at 10,362 lb, and the range offered is 400 miles.

The massive off-roader comes with all the amenities you need for a comfortable long expedition, including proper insulation, LED lights, speakers, TV antenna, water heater, fridge, cooktop, bathroom, Evergreen sleep mattress, AC, and more. It can also be fitted with an extra fuel tank that bumps the range to 800+ miles, solar system, water purification system, roof ladder & additional storage, washer/dryer combo, leather seating, and a slew of other optional upgrades.

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Photos Courtesy of Hunter RMV