From rolling, rocky hills to ominous red control rooms, HBO’s Westworld shoots on some absolutely beautiful sets. But this past episode, which aired Sunday, showed off a set furnished with a veritable mountain of highly cop-able gear. And yes, there are spoilers ahead, so beware ye who have had four days to watch Sunday’s “The Riddle of the Sphinx” and haven’t, this post wasn’t meant for you.

Spoilers Below!

The episode opens to the tune of the Rolling Stones’ “Play with Fire” played on a very pretty, now-defunct turntable inside a future-contemporary apartment we know nothing about (yet). The space, we learn, is occupied by Jim Delos, the firey-tongued Scotsman who appeared in a few flashbacks with William in a previous episode this season, and was the founder of the Delos Corporation William now runs. The apartment — which we later find out is significantly less innocent than that — is strapped (a fake relabeled whiskey brand not included). From an $1,800 coffee table to a special edition Kurt Vonnegut novel, this is the best gear in Jim Delos’s super stylish test chamber.

Turntable: Pro-Ject RM 1.3 Turntable

Now that we know how Delos and his crib are “reset” after his degrading begins, the track that opens the show makes all the more sense. The episode opens on spinning white record playing on an all-white version of this handsome Pro-Ject 1.3 turntable, which sadly is no longer in production.

Lamp: Omar Warm Brown Hourglass Lamp

Yep. This $60 lamp you can buy on Amazon sat behind Mr. Delos in the increasingly dark mental degradation scenes. Turns out HBO is more thrifty than one would expect.

Whiskey Tumblers: Riedel Spey Series

In each of the three scenes we’re shown with William and Jim, Jim pours two scotches in these iconic whiskey glasses. Cut in an immediately apparent Art Nouveau style, the glasses were named after Scotland’s Spey River, where many scotch distilleries source water.

Side Table: Starlight End Table

This walnut brown-legged, glass top side table happens to be more than 60 percent off right now and now we know it looks damn good with an ashtray and a blatant literary devi– hourglass on top.

Ice Bucket: CB2 Lanai Acacia Wood Ice Bucket (No Longer Available)

The ice bucket can be seen on the coffee table separating William and Jim during their “baseline interview,” and popped open every time Jim wants scotch and William says it’s too early for him. Sadly, because the season was shot a year or more ago, not every product can still be found online. Which is a shame, because this CB2 ice bucket is quite nice and was likely affordable.

Hour Glass: CB2 White Sand Hour Glass

If you, too, are interested in giving your apartment or home a distinctly metaphoric punch, look no further than CB2’s version, made with the same material lab beakers are made with. During the episode it sits directly adjacent to William after he sits down for the interview (notice the time is always up when Jim begins to meltdown).

Indoor Planter: CB2 Bennie Low Vase Planter

The show’s set team clearly showed high fidelity for the affordable, millennial-focused basics of Crate & Barrel’s offshoot, CB2. This low vase is parked on the same cabinetry as the goldfish, and is a ripe new home for your first go at growing succulents.

Stationary Bike: Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle

Delos Sr. rides this other whiteout version of Keiser’s M3 indoor stationary bike in the opening montage sequence and it can be seen in glimpses when the show returns to the apartment later. The bike begs the question why in the world is a man who won’t exist for more than a month need to spend time exercising.

Coffee Table: Noguchi Table

If there was an it coffee table, this would be it. The Noguchi table has transcended its former glory, which sat firmly in its hallowed blend of simplicity, elegance and whimsy, and reached a level of ubiquity such that it inspired an immensely popular, aggressively-named blog. When something becomes well-known enough to inspire memes, you know it’s reached another level. The Noguchi Table bissects William and Jim during their conversations, and is seen in all scenes shot in the apartment.

Book: The Sirens of Titan, by Kurt Vonnegut, Masterpieces of Science Fiction Special Edition

The camera pans over an all-leather book with a gold-leaf illustration a few times during the episode, and as it happens that book more than faintly alludes to everything that happens following. Kurt Vonnegut’s The Sirens of Titan plays with the concept of living a life predetermined, where small changes have no effect on the final, destined finish. The copy that’s sitting on Jim’s bed in the beginning of the episode is a Masterpieces of Science Fiction special edition, and isn’t easy to find.

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