Exotic cars or the premium cars are the ones that are not available for regular users due to the higher price they carry. The higher price that they carry is mainly due to the quality they deliver in their cars and the premium parts, which are provided by them. People normally have these cars based on their requirements and also based on the price they can afford.

When purchasing a new car, a person normally forgets to purchase insurance for their car. This is important as the parts that are available in this car are quite costly, and it might be a big burden on you if your car suffers from a damage. In these scenarios, insurance can provide you with the desired financial aid to have an alternative to the same.

How should I get insurance for my exotic car?

Looking at the price of the exotic cars, many of the insurance companies won’t try to fall under your insurance as it will lead to many legal battles and to avoid large sum of money. So the foremost thing that will be required is finding out the list of companies that are ready to ensure your exotic car. It will help you to analyze the further details more easily.

Once you are aware of the different insurance agencies, compare the benefits that are provided by them for the premium they are charging. Normally, the premium for the exotic cars is high due to the fact that the parts are available for the same and the cars are of very high cost, which will increase the overall cost of the premium.

Even the past driving records will be checked before providing the premium to you. These records will give them insights regarding your driving capabilities. It will help them in identifying whether you will be suffering from the accident in the near future or not. The probability of the accidents that are obtained will help in determining whether they should provide you with insurance or not.

Receive the General Insurance Quote

It is important to have the insurance for any of the new exotic cars that you purchase. One should receive general insurance quotes to get a clear picture of the premium, which they would have to pay and the amount of coverage they will receive. There are few cases in which people don’t receive the full coverage for their car and, hence, it is required to have complete information about this beforehand.

After getting all this information, you can decide about the right insurance coverage for your exotic car, which can help you in case of need. It is recommended to select the insurance that provides the maximum benefit at the minimum premium claim.

How Much Does Exotic Luxury Car Insurance Cost?

Example Lamborghini car insurance rates by model

Model Monthly insurance rate Base car price
Aventador $568 $199,800
Huracan $436 $49,990

Example Porsche car insurance rates by model

Model Monthly insurance rate Base car price
911 $105.00 $89,400
Boxster $105.00 $52,100
Cayenne $115.00 $59,600
Cayman $108.00 $53,900
Macan $220.00 $47,500
Panamera $105.00 $85,000

Example Dodge car insurance rates by model

Model Monthly insurance rate Base car price
Challenger $245.00 $26,995
Charger $173.00 $27,995
Viper $170.00 $17,040-88,000

List of companies that provide insurance for exotic cars

  • Progressive
  • Travelers
  • Farmers
  • State Farm (https://www.statefarm.com/insurance/auto/resources/sports-car-insurance)
  • Geico
  • Liberty Mutual
  • USAA


Thus, we can say that we can contact and have the quote to get the insurance for our exotic car. It will help us in selecting the right insurance for our new car purchased, which will help us in case of any accidents being faced by those cars.