Surrounded by a dense forest and rocks dating from the last glaciation, the House Over The Rocks in the south of Chile is the perfect place to contemplate the boundless natural beauty and the Andes Mountains in the background.

Designed in a “Y” shape in order to capture natural light and maximize views from all of its rooms, the dwelling is perched over the rocks, safe from the flow of water, in a sunlit forest glade. Entering the shelter is done via a rusty steel footbridge. The bedrooms and private spaces inside are simple and unadorned, with open, spacious public areas to accommodate a large family.

At the north point of the house, there’s a master bedroom looking towards the forest; the west axis includes children and guest rooms, while the east end contains a living/dining room that offering views of the forest glade and the mountains beyond. In the center, where all axes converge, a spacious and sun-bathed kitchen provides a place for the whole family to come together.

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Photos by Nicolás Sánchez